Top 6 Best-Selling Cars Sold on in 2017

Over the years, competition within the motor vehicle market has only grown stronger. With the biggest companies now investing hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year, the world is enjoying brand-new features, sleek designs, and even the start of the electric revolution. With this in mind, it’s always interesting to see which cars and manufacturers are having the most success.

In 2017, the market was more competitive than ever before in the US and the top six best-selling cars makes for interesting reading…but who came out on top on

#1: Honda Civic

As a name recognizable around the globe, Honda decided to take their compact model, add some room, improve the power, and adjust the style slightly and, as this result shows, it worked. All year, customers were talking about the slightly futuristic design for the 2016 Honda Civic which suggests that Honda did their research very well.

Despite the many changes to the car, the Honda Civic 2016 kept everything the country has grown to love including its reliability, affordability, and even the fun customers seem to get when driving. Compared to 2016, sales increased slightly and this is a testament to the hard work of the Japanese manufacturer.

#2: Toyota Camry

In the second of this list of famous vehicle names, the Toyota Camry takes the runner-up spot of best-selling cars in 2017. With the new Camry, it only reached dealerships in August but it captured the imagination of buyers around the country. Despite the origins of Toyota and the transition the company has seen through the years, there was no predicting their move into the ‘sporty’ sedan niche. Essentially, they took tips from Honda and it worked because the model retained all the classic Toyota charm.

#3: Toyota Corolla Sedan

Not only did Toyota claim second place, they rounded off a Japanese top three with the Corolla Sedan. With the theme continuing of famous names, this brand has been one of the most popular in the US for quite some time and third place in this year’s best-selling list suggests things aren't going to change any time soon.

When looking through the catalog of Corolla models through the years, it’s the consistency that seems to have garnered the success. No matter what technological changes have come, the Corolla has always had a solid foundation of reliability and good value for money. As customers look at pictures of the new Corolla Sedan model, they see a car that lasts because there have been so many success stories.

#4: Honda Accord

Although outside the top three this year, the Honda Accord still finds a place within the top five; a position Honda is used to now having been somewhat of a stalwart in the midsize sedan market. In Honda and Toyota, the industry has two very similar companies that haven't changed even as the world around them has. Of course, Honda has always gone for the sportier designs and performance thanks to their background in racing but this is one of only a few differences.

With the 2018 Accord, it would surprise nobody to see them in this list again next year because the incoming model has more space, it’s a safe option for families, it’s well-equipped (as most models are these days), and it offers a little slice of fun. Despite sticking to their successful formula, they have introduced one special surprise in a six-speed manual transmission and it is touches like this that keep Honda at the top.

#5: Nissan Sentra

When it comes to the Nissan Sentra, it’s certainly an interesting entrant into this best-selling list. On the whole, sales have improved where most companies have endured a solid decrease but the reviews of the customers haven't all been pleasant. For example, many customers, and even industry experts, have noted the loud engine, cramped interior, and its overwhelming unremarkable nature.

How has it managed to sneak into the top five best-selling cars of the year? Aggressive discounting. As the industry has seen from Nissan for many years, their strategy of offering aggressive discounts means that it becomes easy to buy the latest models for a price well below the sticker suggestion.

#6: Nissan Altima

To cap off this list of best-selling vehicles in the US last year, Nissan makes its second appearance thanks to the Altima. Once again it isn't exactly a favorite for the reviewers out there but it ticks all the right boxes for consumers. As an example, the interior has plenty of room for the driver and all guests while the car is also a good performer for fuel economy.

Just as we saw with the Sentra, solid discounts towards the end of the year enabled the Altima to climb the list but it didn't actually help the brand overall since sales took a tumble. With the basics in place, the Altima clearly showed enough to the public and it made its way into this list.


Despite having six different cars in this list, there are only three manufacturers and a number of recognizable brands. In 2017, it looks as though the old favorites are still the best and it’s going to take something special to change this in 2018. Interestingly, all three manufacturers are originally Japanese so this may also suggest something about the tastes of the US consumer right now.

Although no accurate predictions can be made for 2018, it’s certainly going to be another interesting year for