Mazda Announces the Return of Its Rotary Engine - Kinda

Tags: Breaking News, Engine, Technology

By Tim Charlet on October 11, 2018

Fans of the Mazda Rotary engine won’t have to wait too much longer – or will they? In a recently published report Mazda let the cat out of the bag, by announcing that they will use the iconic powerplant in one of their upcoming vehicles. Here is the kicker though – it won’t be the primary source of power.

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Tesla and Ford Team Up to Change the Semi-Truck Game

Tags: Electric Trucks, New Model, Technology, Trucks

By Tim Charlet on October 2, 2018

The iconic Blue Oval is about to get an electric enhancement. A recently published report indicated that the Detroit automotive giant (well, Ford Otosan – which is the Turkish Ford Division) and California-based electric-powered vehicle pioneers are about to collaborate on a new EV semi – the F-Vision or Future Truck.

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Introducing Volvo’s Vera Self-Driving "Truck"

Tags: Electric Trucks, Technology, Trucks

By Tim Charlet on September 25, 2018

Automation is the name of the game in today’s supply chain. From robots that control inventory, pick orders, package and plan shipments, to semi-autonomous equipment used inside warehouses to reduce accidents and overhead expenses, automation is quickly finding ways into daily operations.

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Automobile AI

Tags: Auto industry , Electric Cars, Technology

By Tony Franklin on September 19, 2018

In 1984, a year made famous by George Orwell in his novel by the same name, a new dystopian future was introduced in the movie “Terminator”. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a time-traveling cyborg sent back to assassinate a woman who could prevent a future where machines gain sentience and enslave humanity. 34 years later, we have nearly approached that future, according to tech expert

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Joe Rogan Interviews Elon Musk

Tags: autonomous cars, Electric Cars, News, Technology

By Tony Franklin on September 17, 2018

The mind behind Tesla is digging tunnels underneath Los Angeles. Joe Rogan interviewed Elon Musk on Episode #1169 and dug into his brilliant plans for the future of technology. Some of these plans are the simple joys of an engineer - selling 10,000 hats for his company “The Boring Company” or toy “non-flamethrowers,” and then immediately shutting down those sales.

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Russia Enters the EV Race with the Kalashnikov CV-1

Tags: Concept Cars, Electric Cars, New Model, Technology

By Tony Franklin on August 31, 2018

Tesla has competition from all over the world in their goal to make electric vehicles a practical reality. Recently, Kalashnikov, a military equipment firm in Russia unveiled a prototype for an electric car they are calling the CV-1.

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Hyundai Kona Electic Sparks a New Rivalry with Tesla Model 3

Tags: Electric Cars, Specs, Technology

By Tony Franklin on August 30, 2018

Hyundai’s new electric variant of their crossover, the Kona Electric, is on the way. Although it is still listed as a future model on their website, Hyundai has noted that it should arrive this Fall 2018. There is a lot of buzz about Hyundai's Kona Electric after it was unveiled to the global markets previously this year.

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Jeep Wrangler Plug-In Hybrid to Arrive in 2020

Tags: Breaking News, Hybrid, New Model, Technology

By Tim Charlet on August 29, 2018

Fans of the plug-in hybrid will have something to cheer about when Jeep introduces this technology to their popular Wrangler SUV. While exact details are sketchy currently, the 2020 Jeep Wrangler Plug-In is expected to have the same powerplant and battery power that currently sits in the Chrysler Pacifica.

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