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Joe Rogan Interviews Elon Musk

The mind behind Tesla is digging tunnels underneath Los Angeles. Joe Rogan interviewed Elon Musk on Episode #1169 and dug into his brilliant plans for the future of technology. Some of these plans are the simple joys of an engineer - selling 10,000 hats for his company “The Boring Company” or toy “non-flamethrowers,” and then immediately shutting down those sales.

Rimac C Two Will Blow Your Socks Off with Its 1,888 BHP

Just imagine the sheer speed of something that can generate 1,888 BHP, and then imagine the fear-factor when the level 4 autonomous technology kicks in and it can drive itself. You see, that’s exactly what you could get with the Rimac C_Two; it’s an electric hypercar that has reached astonishing levels.

Henrik Fisker Provides Telling Update on EMotion EV

Fisker's New EMotion Level 5 Self-Driving Capability Is Not Easy To Do

80 percent Decrease in Uber Prices with RoboTaxis

Uber prices to drop 80% with RoboTaxis.

Full Autonomy Chosen for Audi’s Aicon Concept

Audi's Aicon concept car is all about autonomous luxury