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Rimac C Two Will Blow Your Socks Off with Its 1,888 BHP

By Zlatan Stankovic on March 12, 2018

Just imagine the sheer speed of something that can generate 1,888 BHP, and then imagine the fear-factor when the level 4 autonomous technology kicks in and it can drive itself. You see, that’s exactly what you could get with the Rimac C_Two; it’s an electric hypercar that has reached astonishing levels.

With the 1,888 BHP and 1,696 pound-feet of torque, the car can top 60 miles per hour in just 1.85 seconds and clock a max speed of 256 miles per hour. Just touching the gas pedal with your toe would send you flying back into your seat. But, apparently, if you drive it carefully, the powertrain will grant you an overall range of 404 miles (recorded in the NEDC test).

So, with so much power at your disposal, would you rather remain in control, or hand it over to an intelligent machine? The decision is totally up to you. Now, moving to the exterior, the appearance of the thing is absolutely stunning. But, it’s not like your average hypercar. In fact, it appears more like a supercar at first glance, considering the abundance of strakes, intakes and lines.

Plus, the hood houses active flaps which allow you to customize the aerodynamics on the front end of the vehicle. If you browse underneath the body, you’ll discover a ton of carbon fiber on both the monocoque and the subframe. As you open up the door, you’ll be welcomed to a futuristic interior which consists of an infotainment system, digital screen and suede carpet.

At the moment, there’s no price tag attached to the car, but the firm is taking bookings on their website. They plan on manufacturing 150 for their first release in 2020, so it really is first-come first-served. Although, we can imagine the price is going to be rather hefty, so you better start saving now!

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