Concept Cars

Smart Marks 20th Anniversary with New Forease EV Concept

Celebrating their 20 year of operation, Smart revealed a new electric-powered concept vehicle named the Forease recently at the Paris Motor Show. The Subsidiary of Daimler AG has created the Forease EV concept car for casual around town driving during optimal weather conditions (due to the lack of a roof). Taking styling input from a 1970’s style dune buggy and integrating modern EV technology, the Forease EV is not only unconventional, but visually striking as well.

Palace on Wheels - The Renault EZ-Ultimo Concept

We typically don’t’ get overly excited about concept cars or the marketing lingo to describe them – but the Renault EZ-Ultimo is an exception. How often do you come across a design that is like a teenager challenges everything that you know about that category?

Eadon Green Introduces ZECLAT Eclectic Luxury Coupe

Imagine taking the vintage aero-cars from the 1930’s and infusing modern technology and performance. Taking styling cues from Bugatti, Chapron, and other legendary French automakers, the Eadon Green ZECLAT is a low seating, wide riding, and curvaceous luxury coupe that is both visually stunning and features advanced technology.

Ferrari Introduces Monza SP1 And SP2 Speedsters

A new Icona series of Ferrari’s are set to begin production according to a recent article. The new Monza SP1 and SP2 Speedsters were previewed via a Ferrari teleconference and are a part of the new segment that are inspired by classic Ferrari speedsters made famous in the 1950.

Mercedes-Benz Concept Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The new EQ Mercedes-Benz concept car is made from carbon fiber with an alubeam silver coating that replicates the Silver Arrow color from the famous 1937 W 125 Grand Prix. The seamless design is enhanced by lighting stripes that are embedded on the side skirts, which leads to a pair of extendible-spoilers that also act as air brakes.

Is Vision EQ Silver Arrow The Coolest looking concept ever?

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow show car celebrates its world premiere. The one-seater vehicle is an homage to the record-breaking W 125 car from 1937.

Russia Enters the EV Race with the Kalashnikov CV-1

Tesla has competition from all over the world in their goal to make electric vehicles a practical reality. Recently, Kalashnikov, a military equipment firm in Russia unveiled a prototype for an electric car they are calling the CV-1.

Hummer Past and Present

The word “Hummer” is synonymous with “Durable.” Built to traverse any terrain from Icy Mountains to Desert Valleys, the Hummer is the military vehicle par excellence. A used H1 has vast potential as a recreational vehicle by itself, but Mil-Spec, of Wichita Kansas, is bringing the military classic up to modern standards.

Audi Introduces New Electric Sports Car – the PB18 E-Tron

The e-revolution is spreading like wildfire – and Audi is ready to enter the performance-enhanced fray. A new concept has been announced by Audi that features race-car inspired suspension, solid-state batteries, and movable cockpit. While the PB18 E-Tron is in concept mode, it is expected to accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour in a tick over two-seconds.

Porsche’s New Air-Cooled 911 Turbo S is Golden

The latest creation from the mad-scientists at Porsche Classic is flat-out ‘brilliant’. This new air-cooled 911 Turbo S, affectionately known as Project Gold, continues to build on Porsche’s 70th anniversary by introducing a 444-horsepower variant to the popular 993 line-up.