Introducing the Feher ACH-1 - Air-Conditioned Helmet

Tags: Motorcycles, Technology

By Tim Charlet on August 28, 2018

Anyone who has driven a motorcycle for more than an hour understands how hot it can get under the skid-lid. If inventor Steve Feher has his way, riders will have a new way to keep cool while on the road.

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Take A Better Look At Audi's New Virtual Mirrors

Tags: Audi, Concept Cars, Electric Cars, Technology

By Steve Hampton on July 6, 2018

Take A Better Look At New Audi's Virtual Mirrors and its most hi-tech interior to date!

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The Best Ways to Extend Battery Life on the Tesla Model 3

Tags: Tesla, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Electric Cars, Technology

By Zlatan Stankovic on June 11, 2018

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of EVs, or you already own one, you should probably be concerned about battery life. Of course, with modern cars you aren’t going to have to worry about your battery blowing up any time soon. But, some do naturally degrade at a faster rate.

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T Sportline's Tesla Model X T Largo Limited-Edition

Tags: Tesla, Tesla Model X, Custom Cars, Electric Cars, Technology, Tuning

By Bryan D on June 4, 2018

Tesla is a brand that is taking the world by storm with its innovative technological approaches, stunning designs and awesome attention to performance. But, T Sportline felt it was time to spruce up the Model X P100D and give it a fresh bit of styling.

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Formula E Tech Gives Audi RS3 a Huge Boost in Horsepower

Tags: Audi, Concept Cars, Electric Cars, Engine, Technology

By Bryan D on May 31, 2018

The Audi Sport ABT team perform brilliantly in Formula E, but they do so with the backing and support of a significant sponsor – Schaeffler. Recently, the automotive group decided to embark on the 4ePerformance project, which involves immersing the phenomenal powertrain of an FE01 racer under the hood of an Audi RS3.

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Bosch Uses Space Technology to Enhance Motorbike Safety

Tags: Motorcycles, Technology

By Zlatan Stankovic on May 25, 2018

Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is ten-times more dangerous than travelling in a car. The fact that you have no protection around you leaves you in an incredibly vulnerable position. But, that doesn’t stop millions around the world having a passion for the thrill of riding a bike.

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Bugatti Literally Go Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Tags: Bugatti, Auto industry , supercars, Technology

By Jon Derrickson on April 23, 2018

Most people would agree that Bugatti’s are designed for those who have too much money to handle, considering the Chiron is valued at over $3 million. But, it’s fair to say owners do get a great deal of bang for their buck. Other than the outrageous speed and phenomenal driving experience, they also get an innovative telemetry system.

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Hyundai Kite: Hyundai and IED Have Teamed up Once Again…

Tags: Hyundai, Concept Cars, Technology

By Bryan D on March 20, 2018

There’s been an instance in the past when Hyundai have collaborated with the Istituto Europeo di Design – an Italian design school respected for their innovation and class. But, their latest joint venture has produced something which highlights how much creativity flows in effective relationships between brands and talented designers.

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