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Bugatti Divo Debuts with Enhanced Handling and Appearance

Bugatti has upped the ante in the hypercar segment with the recent debut of the new Bugatti Divo. A recent car show in Pebble Beach introduced the latest Bugatti masterpiece which features enhanced handling abilities, a new exterior shape, and added vents for improved cooling for what is essentially a Chiron on steroids.

Bugatti Literally Go Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Most people would agree that Bugatti’s are designed for those who have too much money to handle, considering the Chiron is valued at over $3 million. But, it’s fair to say owners do get a great deal of bang for their buck. Other than the outrageous speed and phenomenal driving experience, they also get an innovative telemetry system.

Meet the Bugatti Chiron Sport…

Bugatti are a manufacturer that are renowned for producing lightning-quick cars. The Veyron was the fastest car on the planet at one point. But, since the Veyron days, they’ve gone on to produce the Chiron, which is a wonderful supercar that is owned by few, but admired by millions.

Previous CEO of Audi Sport and Lamborghini Joins Bugatti

Bugatti Getting New CEO Directly From Audi Sport

The Bugatti Chiron has received a speed upgrade!

Though the previous speed of 261 mph (420 kmh) was considered quite fast, Bugatti boasts that it is nothing compared to the performance that will be delivered by its Chiron hypercar. The said vehicle, without a limiter, will reach 285 mph (458 kmh), provided it receives the perfect conditions.

Bugatti Veyron Final Edition Specs

Specs have been leaking regarding Bugatti's final edition of the Veyron. Costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $7-8 million, this "Super" Veyron will reportedly have 1,500 horsepower and a top speed of 280 MPH. This final edition will supposedly have a W16 engine with improved capacity plus a reduced weight of ~3722 lbs compared to previous Veyron's.