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Ford Ranger Raptor Might Land On U.S Soil

Tags: Ford, Ford Ranger, Rumors, Trucks

By Jon Derrickson on August 16, 2018

Though most people still don’t have a definite proof regarding the looming rumor about the ranger raptor entering US market, there is an element of hope that it might happen. We’re all conversant with the fact that the ranger raptor is an Australian based design.

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Your Comprehensive Guide to 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63

Tags: Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz GLC, Reviews, Specs

By Jon Derrickson on July 26, 2018

With luxury, status, and prestige built into its reputation and hefty price tag, the 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 offers drivers the thrill of an SUV for off-road driving and the athletic appeal of a sports car on city streets and roads. It features the best-of-the-best in speed and acceleration thanks to its RACE START functionality and AMG Speedshift MCT 9-gear sports transmission.

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Rezvani Motors Produce An Awesome Military Grade Tank SUV

Tags: Concept Cars, Limited Edition, SUV

By Jon Derrickson on July 13, 2018

When most people search for a rough-and-ready SUV that is well prepared for the great outdoors, they go for a Jeep or Land Rover. But, some people want something that is off the scale; a vehicle that would be right at home in the military.

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Outrageous Hubless Motorcycle With Airplane Engine

Tags: Concept Motorcycles, Limited Edition, Motorcycles

By Jon Derrickson on July 13, 2018

Tarso Marques Concept (TMC) Dumont, a motorcycle with hub-less wheels that's powered by an airplane engine

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The DBS Superleggera Will Be Aston Martin’s New GT Flagship

Tags: Aston Martin, Aston Martin DBS, New Model, Reveal, supercars

By Jon Derrickson on June 29, 2018

For many years, the Vanquish S has been Aston Martin’s flagship, but now that’s about to be replaced. Some of you may already be aware of the development due to leaked photos from the Nürburgring, but the DBS Superleggera will take the reins and spearhead the British brand.

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Your Guide to 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Tags: Jaguar, Electric Cars, New Model, Reviews, Specs

By Jon Derrickson on June 25, 2018

Elon Musk and his army of Tesla engineers have been dominating the e-car space as of late, as the brand have revolutionized the industry. No longer do people turn their noses up at the thought of an electric car, because now they’re thought of as a must-have luxury asset.

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By Jon Derrickson on June 19, 2018

Without a shadow of a doubt, the 2018 Cadillac CTS-V is one of the most powerful sedans currently available on the market. Its luxurious styling easily draws comparisons to fighter jets, but all of the brute force doesn’t win it the best in its category.

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Your Guide to 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT

Tags: Volkswagen, Volkswagen Passat, New Model, Reviews, Specs

By Jon Derrickson on June 18, 2018

At Volkswagen’s North American Engineering Planning Center in the heart of Tennessee, an exciting idea has transitioned into an awesome sport sedan. The 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT was born in America, and shares many similarities with the epic cars of the late 1990s; plenty of space, sport aesthetics and a mean engine under the hood.

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