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Ford Ranger Raptor Might Land On U.S Soil

By Jon Derrickson on August 16, 2018

Though most people still don’t have a definite proof regarding the looming rumor about the ranger raptor entering US market, there is an element of hope that it might happen. We’re all conversant with the fact that the ranger raptor is an Australian based design. So, it shouldn’t be a thing of surprise when Ford decided to keep the patent filling right in Australia. But the only hope the United States market have of getting the ranger raptor might be the mention of its name. Initially, all we had as proof was a left-handed ranger raptor with a manufacture plates number cruising on the American soil.

Result Of The Patent Application Number

Extensive research was done at us patent and trademark office website, using the patent application number 29/63499 which turned out abortive. This might have been because some companies hide their patent design application from the public’s eyes until the product makes it break into the market. Ford might just be applying this approach, especially when a newbie in the ranger5g attested to the fact the prefix (29) in the patent application number is original and it’s still a design application.

Expected Period Of Launch

We’re still left with a vital mystery to unravel, which is the place and date of launch. Expectations are lingering towards a possible start either at the Los Angeles auto show or the 2019 North America auto show in Detroit. However, what remains hidden is the veil on the face of the wheel. At this point, we’re all getting hysterical about the interiors, enough of the “what if” suspense we keep getting from ford.

A Quick Peek Into The Ranger Power

So rumor has it that there might be a possible drop of the 2.0litre 157kw bi-turbo engine that we ’re used to in the united states, which Ford initially commented as the only option for the ranger raptor. According to Ford's “what if” US soil might be getting a 2.3liter petrol powered turbocharged engine. There are also speculations that the U.S soil might never get to feel ranger raptor, but they’re just speculations.


There are so many circumstantial evidence that points to the possibility of US soil having a feel of the ranger raptor, but with all of these speculations, we are still stuck in a grey area. But in my opinion, it’s a no-brainer for ford to get a ranger raptor down to United States, just saying.

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