Concept Motorcycles

Curtiss V-8 Battery Introduced in New Electric Motorcycle

Tags: Harley-Davidson, Breaking News, Concept Motorcycles, Motorcycles, New Model

By Tim Charlet on August 29, 2018

There was a day when the baddest bike on the block was the one with the loudest pipes. While there is nothing that compares to the rumble of a properly tuned V-twin engine, many motorcycle brands (including Harley Davidson) are beginning to focus their efforts on developing new electric motorcycle models.

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Outrageous Hubless Motorcycle With Airplane Engine

Tags: Concept Motorcycles, Limited Edition, Motorcycles

By Jon Derrickson on July 13, 2018

Tarso Marques Concept (TMC) Dumont, a motorcycle with hub-less wheels that's powered by an airplane engine

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Sensational Bike Concepts from Barbara Custom Motorcycles

Tags: Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, DUCATI, Concept Motorcycles, Motorcycles

By Zlatan Stankovic on December 6, 2017

Ever wanted to look through some outrageous bike concepts just to brighten your day? Well, now is the time because a French company by the name of ‘Barbara’ has created a portfolio of stunning motorcycle concepts. With numerous bikes to look through, they take existing brands and give them a futuristic makeover. For example, Triumph and BMW both feature and some of them look like something we would only otherwise see in the movies.

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