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Sensational Bike Concepts from Barbara Custom Motorcycles

By Zlatan Stankovic on December 6, 2017

Ever wanted to look through some outrageous bike concepts just to brighten your day? Well, now is the time because a French company by the name of ‘Barbara’ has created a portfolio of stunning motorcycle concepts. With numerous bikes to look through, they take existing brands and give them a futuristic makeover. For example, Triumph and BMW both feature and some of them look like something we would only otherwise see in the movies.

While some models look entirely plausible, others stretch reality a little so it’s important to consider these designs without being hyper-critical about whether they’re feasible. In addition to different landscapes, they also boast a sci-fi influence in some way. For example, the Husqvarna has been transformed into the ‘Ampulex Compressa’ and the eagle-eyed among us will spot a resemblance with the Lotus C-01 and its custom ‘ghost’ design from Smoked Garage. Elsewhere, they decided to choose a completely different angle with Triumph and the ‘Black Matter’ model. With the latter, the fuel tank and seat integrate beautifully which allows for a clean and streamlined design.

Interestingly, both the BMW designs we saw had pointed tails and it gave them a wasp-like look. For Barbara, this must have been the motive since they’re called the ‘Sting’ and ‘Raven’. When you first see them, you notice the minimalist design but then how it actually works too; the model is stripped right back to basics and it’s gorgeous.

For the most part, this portfolio of designs is the French company paying homage to the many great sci-fi films over the years. However, we also believe it’s a message to motorcycle manufacturers all over the world to take a risk with their new models and think outside the box every so often. If they’re able to take these designs as their lead, we could start seeing some unique and stunning new designs on the road very soon!

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