Your Guide to 2019 Jaguar I-Pace

Elon Musk and his army of Tesla engineers have been dominating the e-car space as of late, as the brand have revolutionized the industry. No longer do people turn their noses up at the thought of an electric car, because now they’re thought of as a must-have luxury asset. Why? Because e-cars are now capable of thrilling performance, possess tons of awesome technology and are incredibly efficient.

But, the success of Tesla has paved the way for all the other automakers to get in on the action. The latest development comes from Jaguar, as they’ve announced that a fully electric I-Pace will be coming soon. With two electric motors – one integrated on both the front and rear axle – the power is evenly distributed between the four wheels.

Through a single-speed gearbox and a 90-kilowatt-hour batter pack, you’ll receive 240 miles of range. However, the exciting element is what the motors can do. They’ll generate 394-BHP and 512 pound-feet of torque which empowers the crossover-coupe to smash 60-MPH in an impressive 4.5 seconds.

Although it still won’t knock Tesla off its perch – the Model X P100D still retains its crown – it does pull away from two of its gas-powered competitors, the Porsche Macan GTS and the BMW X4 M40i. Moreover, despite their being the typical driving modes – Eco, Comfort and Dynamic – there isn’t much noticeable difference between the three. Dynamic does make the throttle more responsive and sport-side kick in, but it’s nothing to write home about.

The amazing element of the drive is the handling; it’s surprisingly light, fast and accurate considering it’s a 4,784-LB vehicle. So, you’ll have no worries navigating around sharp corners. An area that helps the steering is the grip of the tyres. Regardless of whether you choose the 18-inch standard, or upgrade to 20 or 22-inch, you’ll notice that traction is excellent.

Of course, the phenomenal suspension which has been copied from the F-Pace and the low centre of gravity helps a lot, too. Take a seat inside, and you’ll discover that Jaguar have put some serious effort into their interior on the I-Pace. The material quality is of a high standard, the seats are finished well and contain heating, and the appearance is stunning.

There’s also an abundance of space throughout, especially in the cargo area with 23.5 cubic-feet available. When it comes to the actual ride, it’s generally very comfortable. Yes, you can hear some impact noise on below-par road conditions due to the lack of engine noise to mask it, but it doesn’t become a problem at all.

With TouchPro Duo, the dashboard is very touchscreen orientated. Smack-bang in the middle you’ll find a 10-inch screen, just below that in the center console you’ll find a 5.5-inch screen and you’ll also find a couple of displays behind the steering wheel. Everything harmonizes nicely, and it doesn’t feel like there’s too much going on. Unfortunately, though, the overwhelming choice and complex menus drastically reduces the functionality of the tech.

But, Jaguar have implemented over-the-air software updates, so you may receive frequent upgrades to the system. Furthermore, you probably want to know about the charging time, right? From the 220-volt charging zone, you’ll be able to regenerate the battery from zero to 80-percent in 10 hours. If you need rapid charge, you can use the 100-kilowatt DC fast charger to replenish the energy in just 40 minutes.

If you want to get your hands on the I-Pace, you’ll need to wait to till the summer if you’re in the US. The rest of the world should start receiving them from 2019. As for price, expect to pay in the region of $69,500.