Bugatti Literally Go Above and Beyond for Their Customers

Most people would agree that Bugatti’s are designed for those who have too much money to handle, considering the Chiron is valued at over $3 million. But, it’s fair to say owners do get a great deal of bang for their buck. Other than the outrageous speed and phenomenal driving experience, they also get an innovative telemetry system.

In fact, Bugatti are not shy in telling people that they were the first to ever incorporate a telemetry system in a road car, as they’re usually utilised in Formula One vehicles. It’s a very simple piece of kit, as it’s just a small aluminium box that slots effortlessly deep into the chassis of the car. But, it’s actually very complex in the way that it operates.

You see, it monitors 10,000 signals dotted around the car in various places. Although, it’s worth noting that the Veyron telemetry system isn’t that observant. Anyway, those 10,000 signals travel to a laptop somewhere in the Bugatti customer service department. They watch out for any abnormalities in areas such as the quad-turbo 8.0-litre engine, the infotainment system, the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission or even the tyres.

If anything isn’t perfect, Bugatti will either point you to the nearest dealership, as 34 service partners support the project worldwide. Alternatively, if it needs repairing right away, they’ll send out their special flying doctor. Currently, there are 3 qualified flying doctors who will hop on a plane at any given moment; the service is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

One flying doctor covers Europe/Russia, another covers the Middle East and Asia, and the last covers North America. The only downside? It won’t work if there’s no mobile phone network coverage. If you aren’t happy with that, you can simply opt out.