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Bugatti Divo Debuts with Enhanced Handling and Appearance

By Tim Charlet on August 27, 2018

Bugatti has upped the ante in the hypercar segment with the recent debut of the new Bugatti Divo. A recent car show in Pebble Beach introduced the latest Bugatti masterpiece which features enhanced handling abilities, a new exterior shape, and added vents for improved cooling for what is essentially a Chiron on steroids. According to Bugatti test engineers, the new Divo has trimmed eight-seconds off lap times at their test track in Nardo – which is an eternity in road racing parlance.

The Bugatti Chiron has undergone several enhancements and alterations over the years. Most testing has been completed at the famous Nürburgring with the ‘test-subjects’ wrapped in photo-altering vinyl. Contrary to popular belief, the Divo is not a freshly designed entrant. It sits on the same platform as the Chiron with multiple aero tweaks that transforms the Chiron into the awesomeness that has become the Bugatti Divo.

So – what’s so impressive about the Divo that has many automotive enthusiasts claiming that it may surpass the mighty Lamborghini Aventador SVJ? Well, let’s break it down.

Designers and Bugatti engineers have been trying to take the Chiron to that sought-after “next level” for a few years. The first step was to focus on the front of the Bugatti hypercar, where the design team created and entirely new architecture – while maintaining the traditional Bugatti grille and reducing the cross-sectional area. The newly designed front shape has transplanted the headlights to a vertical orientation and have added multiple vents up front to improve the flow of air for cooling the massive W16 engine. The Divo also features a large front spoiler which is hard to miss and a major component of the enhanced Divo aero package.

On the roof, the Divo includes a new NACA air duct, which helps direct airflow to the Divo powerplant’s fuel system. A 23-percent wider active rear spoiler sits on top of the Divo – which not only functions as a downforce mechanism – but also as an airbrake. The Divo also adds a rear diffuser, which enhances handling that produces a mind-numbing 1.6 lateral g-forces. The added enhancements for aero have improved downforce by 198-pounds, which also helps to improve cooling to the brakes and engine.

Another important contributing factor to the improved performance is the lighter platform for the Divo. Since they’ve included a new carbon fiber intercooler cover and added lighter-designed wheels, the Divo comes in 77-pounds lighter than its predecessor. Under the hood, the Divo’s W16 engine is mainly unchanged, and still belts out an impressive 1,500 ponies. The improved downforce that improves on-track handling and performance does have a significant impact to top speed. In fact, the Divo “only” stops the clocks at 236 miles per hour in comparison to the Chiron’s 261 mph top speed.

So – how much will this new hypercar cost you? Simply be one of the first 40 individuals to send $5.8 million USD in certified funds to the Bugatti team and you can have a change at owning this spectacular new entrant to the hypercar segment.

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