Introducing the Feher ACH-1 - Air-Conditioned Helmet

Anyone who has driven a motorcycle for more than an hour understands how hot it can get under the skid-lid. If inventor Steve Feher has his way, riders will have a new way to keep cool while on the road. He’s recently introduced the ACH-1 – an air-conditioned motorcycle helmet that utilizes similar technology he invented that is used to cool seats.

Steve Feher invented a miniature air conditioning system that has been used to cool seats in Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lexus, Farrari, and GM cars for years. Now he is focused on infusing similar tech into the new Feher ACH-1 – which is the world’s first fully-integrated AC motorcycle helmet. According to Feher, the helmet has the ability to keep a riders head 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the outside environment.

For years, motorcycle enthusiasts have been searching for effective ways of cooling their noggin while on the road. From using water-soaked or even freezing bandana’s – trying to stay refreshed on a hot day is not only vital for comfort, but also to keep the rider alert. This was a major reason why Feher and his design team have worked hard to develop this new air-conditioned helmet.

So – what’s the scoop on this new AC helmet system?

Essentially, the Feher-inspired design is intended to keep your entire body feeling fresh and comfortable as you ride. The new Feher motorcycle helmet contains no air vents, as like most AC systems inside cars, they work best when not exposed to external air input. The helmet contains a small thermo-electric pump at the back that dehumidifies and cools air before pushing it through the top of the helmet. It has been engineered to slowly circulate cool air – as to not create an “ice-cream headache” feeling as the inventor has noted.

This type of cooling system offers a few ancillary benefits as well. Since it removes humidity, it helps to dry the air that is inside the helmet, which can reduce the potential of fogging inside the lid during cooler or humid days. The unit is not the most stylish – as the cooling system is bulky and makes up the majority of the helmet. The helmet has been designed to weigh 3.2-pounds for the entire helmet – which is as light as a fully-carbon fiber helmet.

Like any other AC system, the Feher helmet requires a power source to operate. To save weight, the helmet is powered by the same 12-volt battery that is on the motorcycle. The helmet comes with a power cord and wiring harness that plugs directly in the battery. The power-draw of this AC system is minimal – which permits riders to utilize the helmet for extended rides. This helmet is priced at $549 USD and comes in multiple sizes from Extra Small to 2 XL.