Bosch Uses Space Technology to Enhance Motorbike Safety

Let’s face it, riding a motorcycle is ten-times more dangerous than travelling in a car. The fact that you have no protection around you leaves you in an incredibly vulnerable position. But, that doesn’t stop millions around the world having a passion for the thrill of riding a bike.

Of course, those at the top have been searching and developing new safety measures each year, with the likes of inflatable vest and smart helmets proving to be some-what effective. Although, they haven’t prevented bikers from being involved in fatal accidents. So, Bosch – the German manufacturer – has been working on a solution to that problem.

They’ve tapped into technology that is often used in space, to prevent astronauts from drifting off into another galaxy. It’s being dubbed the anti-slide system, because when your bike starts to lean over too much, it’ll sense that and deploy a gust of pressurized gas out of the side. So, when you’re in a spot of bother, you’ll have a helping hand to gain some control over the situation.

How it works is very simple… when the bike loses traction on a slipper surface and leans over too far, the pressurized gas that is emitted will literally push the bike to the other side, hopefully returning it to an upright position. Even though it may seem like a simple idea, that technology could save plenty of lives every single year.

But, they’ve smartly made the anti-glide system in a way that it can’t be abused by adrenaline-junkies. If the system goes off, you’ll need to replace it, and it most likely will not come cheap. So, ride safely and fingers crossed you’ll never need to rely on the space technology.