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Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Placing Google’s Android In Cars

A recently published article indicated that three of the world’s largest automakers will be adding Google’s Android operating system into their vehicle entertainment or infotainment platforms. Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi have all announced that future vehicles (along with the sub-brands they own and operate) will be phasing Android-based infotainment systems to consumers beginning in 2021.

Nissan Team Up With Italdesign to Produce GT-R50

The phenomenal Nissan GT-R range has now entered a half-decade of existence. To mark such a momentous 50-year milestone, Nissan have forged an alliance with Italdesign to build an amazing GT-R50 prototype. Funnily enough, Italdesign are also celebrating their 50th birthday in this project, which makes it all the more exciting for car fans.

Top 6 Best-Selling Cars Sold on in 2017

Over the years, competition within the motor vehicle market has only grown stronger. With the biggest companies now investing hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year, the world is enjoying brand-new features, sleek designs, and even the start of the electric revolution.

Nissan Announces 2014 GT-R Pricing & Updates

In a press release issued this morning, Nissan introduced the 2014 GT-R. With improvements like increased body rigidity, better engine response at higher rpms and a lower center of gravity, Nissan says this year’s GT-R offers even better handling--especially at high speeds.