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Nissan Team Up With Italdesign to Produce GT-R50

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By Zlatan Stankovic on July 11, 2018

The phenomenal Nissan GT-R range has now entered a half-decade of existence. To mark such a momentous 50-year milestone, Nissan have forged an alliance with Italdesign to build an amazing GT-R50 prototype. Funnily enough, Italdesign are also celebrating their 50th birthday in this project, which makes it all the more exciting for car fans.

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Nissan Announces 2014 GT-R Pricing & Updates

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By Brittany Cermak on January 25, 2013

In a press release issued this morning, Nissan introduced the 2014 GT-R. With improvements like increased body rigidity, better engine response at higher rpms and a lower center of gravity, Nissan says this year’s GT-R offers even better handling--especially at high speeds.

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