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Auto Discounts Proposed by Senate

The American auto industry has been at the heart of most discussions involving Economy, Jobs, and Foreign Imports/Exports for the last three decades. Sen. Sharrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, has pulled all of those pieces together in a bill entitled: American Cars, American Jobs Act.

All You Need to Know About the 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

There’s no denying that Toyota is one of the best automotive brands in the world, and that’s simply because they create vehicles that people want to buy. They look great, feel great and rarely let you down.

All You Need to Know About 2018 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry ticks all of the boxes from a manufacturers point of view; it’s popular, sells a lot and generates a ton of revenue. But, from a car-enthusiasts perspective, you sometimes wonder why so many people across the world choose the Camry as their midsize sedan. Nothing screams out at you as being amazing, but it does offer a solid amount across the board.

All You Need to Know About the New 2018 Toyota Tundra

In recent times, if you were searching the market for a full-size pickup, you probably would avoid the Toyota Tundra. Why? Because since it’s inception in 2007, the Tundra platform has been rather stagnant and has since very limited evolution.

Top 6 Best-Selling Cars Sold on in 2017

Over the years, competition within the motor vehicle market has only grown stronger. With the biggest companies now investing hundreds of millions of dollars each and every year, the world is enjoying brand-new features, sleek designs, and even the start of the electric revolution.