Love to Drive? You’re Probably Not Driving a Ferrari

Are you green with envy over your neighbor’s new supercar? According to a study conducted by AXA—an insurance company headquartered in New York—you shouldn’t be. The company’s Annual Motoring Survey found that while luxury car owners enjoy driving more than non-luxury car owners, the same can't be said about exotic car owners. Apparently, only 57% of Ferrari owners told AXA that they enjoyed driving compared to 68% of Ford owners and 64% of Toyota owners. Makes sense, right?

Yeah…we didn’t think so either. However, things started to clear up after we took a closer look at the report. According to the London Evening Standard, the brands providing the most driving enjoyment to their owners were BMW at 82%, and Aston Martin and Lexus at 78%. On the other hand, only 46% of Volvo owners and 59% of Land Rover owners reported that they enjoyed driving.

As the British publication suggests, maybe the key to understanding the AXA survey lies in understanding what type of people are likely to purchase certain types of cars. Volvo owners are usually pretty conservative, safety-minded individuals, and it’s probably fair to say that most people who buy Land Rovers these days are buying them to drive around Beverly Hills—not the Grand Canyon. So it makes sense then that supercar owners aren’t ask keen on driving as everyone else. After all, at the prices they retail for—exotic cars are generally bought more with investment than recreation in mind. Plus, when you find yourself collecting supercars like kids collect Hot Wheels, odds are you probably have a driver to do your “dirty work” anyway.

Sources: London Evening Standard