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Your Comprehensive Guide to 2018 BMW M5

Tags: BMW, BMW M5, BMW 5 Series, Reviews, Specs

By Steve Hampton on July 16, 2018

BMW is an iconic brand worldwide, simply because they produce awesome cars that captivate such a wide audience. The Bavarian manufacturer have been rolling masterpieces off their production line for decades, but some argued they lost their way slightly.

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Introducing BMW R Nine T ‘Giggerl’ By Blechmann

Tags: BMW, BMW R NINE T, Motorcycles

By Zlatan Stankovic on July 10, 2018

Bernhard Naumann is one of the most prestigious motorcycle customizers in the world, and “tin man” is a moniker that he lives by. That’s because Blechmann – as “tin man” translates – takes great pride in all of his innovative creations, and his latest project empowers him to live up to his label once again.

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Turning a Wrecked BMW X5 Into Awesome Off-Roader

Tags: BMW X5, BMW, Funny, SUV, Videos

By Zlatan Stankovic on June 13, 2018

Watch How A Wrecked BMW X5 Becomes An Awesome Off-Roader we all want.

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Fourth-Generation BMW X5 Will Soon Hit the Market

Tags: BMW X5, BMW, New Model, Reveal, Specs, SUV

By Steve Hampton on June 8, 2018

On the same day, two luxury SUVs emerged from Germany – Audi launched their brand-spanking-new Q8, and now BMW have confirmed that a fourth-generation of the X5 is coming soon. They’re both awesome, but it’s clear to acknowledge that Bimmer have paid special attention to the in-car tech.

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All You Need to Know About the New BMW X6

Tags: BMW X6, BMW, New Model, Reviews

By Zlatan Stankovic on March 15, 2018

BMW rarely create a car which doesn’t capture the attention of millions of people across the globe, but on this occasion, it may not be for all the right reasons. You see, BMW already have the X5, which is a brilliant SUV that ticks all the boxes. However, they’ve now attempted to produce an X6, which is supposed to be an upgrade for their SUVs.

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BMW Set to Launch M8 Gran Coupe in 2019

Tags: BMW, Breaking News, Concept Cars, New Model, Reveal

By Zlatan Stankovic on March 9, 2018

First we seen the silhouette, then we were briefed on the concept, and now we can finally see the complete picture of the phenomenal BMW M8 Gran Coupe. From front to back, the vehicle is aesthetically stunning, and the design team have done a wonderful job of combining pretty looks with pure aggression.

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Longest Vehicle Drift Record Goes To…

Tags: BMW, BMW M5, BMW M4, Records, Videos

By Zlatan Stankovic on January 15, 2018

While some Guinness World Records are fairly easy to obtain, some take great planning, effort, and skill to complete. For BMW, they decided to go for one of the toughest records of all; the longest drift over a period of eight hours.

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BMW Developing Faster Traction Control

Tags: BMW, BMW i3, Technology

By Jon Derrickson on January 5, 2018

Back when the BMW i3 was released, in September 2015 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, there were plenty of upgrades which made the car more desirable. For instance, it came with a slightly enhanced suspension system, and a 184-horsepower electric engine for added power.

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