Introducing BMW R Nine T ‘Giggerl’ By Blechmann

Bernhard Naumann is one of the most prestigious motorcycle customizers in the world, and “tin man” is a moniker that he lives by. That’s because Blechmann – as “tin man” translates – takes great pride in all of his innovative creations, and his latest project empowers him to live up to his label once again.

The BMW R Nine T motorcycle has been expertly transformed into Blechmann’s “Giggerl”; stripped down to it’s bare bones and crafted into something incredible. See, that’s what the German specializes in – cutting a motorcycle back to its chassis and putting his own spin on it from absolute scratch.

Blechmann states, “I actually don’t have any fundamental inspiration. I dismantle the original parts and then come up with something starting from a blank canvas.” When it comes to the Giggerl, the only way it really resembles an original R Nine T is through the BMW badges and of course, the core components.

Other than the front levers, front suspension and handlebars, everything has been revamped. It’s now got a much more futuristic feel, with many aspects falling under the Transformers category. It’s something that is extremely unique, which is exactly what BMW were after when they sought collaboration with Bernhard Naumann.

The most striking change is the seat bench, which flows out of the front portion of the bike like a sting on a wasp. It’s remarkable how the rear wheel almost seems ostracized from the front fairing, but everything combines to form an intimidating machine. A brand-new exhaust system that was carefully constructed gives the bike refine aesthetics, and the modified wheel rims give it a subtle boost of excitement.

Let’s not forget the paintjob, though. Blechmann decided to complete the project with the familiar BMW livery. It’s amazing how “tin man” analyses his wonderful creation as something completely opposite to what most of us would see, though. Most would catch a glimpse and be blown away by the dominating presence. Whereas, Naumann called it “Giggerl”, which is the Bavarian term for chicken.

With the power from BMW engineering and the powerful demeanour created by Blechmann, chicken is a strange description. The projector headlight, the raised screen, the flared tank and extended panels are things that you just aren’t used to seeing on a bike. Nonetheless, it’s a creation that will definitely divide opinion.

Some will say that the German customizer has harmonized his own imagination with BMW’s distinct design philosophy. Some will say that he has taken an R Nine T and covered it in futurism that just doesn’t seem a BMW. Some will say that he’s evolved the standard R Nine T by putting his own brilliant stamp on it.

We’d like to say all statements could be correct. The creation fits in nicely with BMW’s styling; you have the bulky lines and imposing angles. But, you also have Blechmann’s magic attached to it and it’s definitely an evolved version of the R Nine T. Ultimately, it’s design art by one of the best in the business; project execution of the highest quality.

Maybe some people will just hate to love it, huh?