Your Comprehensive Guide to 2018 BMW M5

BMW is an iconic brand worldwide, simply because they produce awesome cars that captivate such a wide audience. The Bavarian manufacturer have been rolling masterpieces off their production line for decades, but some argued they lost their way slightly. That has all changed, though, because the new M5 is a huge statement.

The M5 is a true performance car at heart, and the 2018 model has taken the range to a completely new level. Now, while it may be an absolute monster when it comes to mechanics, the aesthetics are extremely elegant on the eye. It’s a beautiful car that encapsulates class; just driving one will add a level of luxury to your life.

As with most automakers, the popular thing to do is to scale up vehicles in terms of size and cut them into different classes. That’s why the M5 is relatively similar to both the 4 and 7 Series. Of course, there are some unique differentiating factors with the styling, though. You’ll find that the front and rear fascia are incredibly intimidating, and the four exhaust pipes add an element of pure aggression.

Due to the flared wheel arches at the front, the side skirts flow out seamlessly and enhance the attractiveness of the overall car. But, let’s face it, with an M Performance car, the exciting department is the performance. From a twin-turbocharged V8 engine, you’ll be in control of 600-BHP and 553 pound-feet of torque. That’ll empower you to fly from 0-60-MPH in a mere 3.2 seconds.

The top speed on the M5 is 190-MPH; all of those figures are staggering when you consider it’s a hefty vehicle that weighs almost 4,400-LBS. The power is pushed through an 8-speed automatic transmission which features three different shift modes. Regardless of which mode you slide it in, you’ll notice that the gear changes are effortless, and the power doesn’t ease it up at all.

However, it could easily be transformed into a “daily driver” if you switch the steering and suspension to their regular modes, and the exhaust to a quieter version. As you step inside the M5, you’ll find an abundance of premium leather and a perfect amount of lovely wood, carbon fiber and aluminium.

Everything seems high-end, which is exactly what you want. The padded seats are equipped with 20-way adjustability, which drastically improves comfort. If you add the Executive Package to your purchase, you’ll also get massaging and ventilation functions with the front two seats. From a 10.2-inch touchscreen mounted to the center console, you’ll have a hub full of telematics, audio and technology.

The iDrive system is no doubt one of the best infotainment systems across the auto industry, thanks to its intuitive, response controls. Some of the cool functions that you’ll find will include Apple’s prestigious CarPlay, which empowers you to have complete control over the car through your iPhone.

As for safety, you’ll get blind-spot monitoring, adaptive headlights, lane departure warnings all as standard. If you want to upgrade the safety on your M5, you can add a vast array of features for a further $1,700. On the topic of price, the base price comes in at a whopping $102,600, so it definitely won’t be considered a budget car.