This is what a $250,000 Hublot Ferrari watch looks like
By Z on September 14, 2016
Hublot has teamed up with Ferrari and released a special edition timepiece called the MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire.
The Ferrari FXX K is a Hypercar Hybrid with 1,035 Horsepower
By Derrick F on December 3, 2014
Ferrari has unveiled an all new Hybrid Hypercar with a V12 Hybrid engine with 1,035 Horsepower and torque exceeding 664 lb/ft.
Ferrari to Sell Selling Less
By Derrick F on May 31, 2013
Ferrari announced recently that it plans to cut production of Ferrari cars by 400 units this year in order to make Ferrari cars more exclusive. From the outside one might think that owning a Ferrari is already exclusive and not just from the price tag either.
The LaFerrari Debuts at the Geneva Motor Show
By Derrick F on March 6, 2013
So far the LaFerrari debut has turned more heads and made more buzz than any other unveiling so far at the Geneva Motor Show. Ferrari only plans to build around 500 of Enzo successor with an expected price tag of around $1.3 million. Using HY-KERS hybrid technology, the LaFerrari is equipped with a 6.3-liter 789 horsepower V12 engine and a 160-hp electric motor for a combined 949 hp and 663 lb-ft of torque. With its power and carbon fiber chasses, making for a lighter, stiffer ride, the LaFerrari goes from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than three seconds and reaches a top speed of 205 MPH.
Love to Drive? You’re Probably Not Driving a Ferrari
By Brittany Cermak on February 15, 2013
Are you green with envy over your neighbor’s new supercar? According to a study conducted by AXA—an insurance company headquartered in New York—you shouldn’t be. The company’s Annual Motoring Survey found that while luxury car owners enjoy driving more than non-luxury car owners, the same can't be said about exotic car owners. Apparently, only 57% of Ferrari owners told AXA that they enjoyed driving compared to 68% of Ford owners and 64% of Toyota owners. Makes sense, right?
McLaren to Debut P1 in Geneva
By Brittany Cermak on February 14, 2013
This year’s Geneva Motor Show will take place between March 7th and 17th in Geneva, Switzerland. Like always, there will be a number of vehicles making their debuts at the show. One of the debuts we are particularly excited about is the McLaren P1’s. Successor to the British automaker’s F1 supercar, the long-awaited P1 is rumored to have a starting price around $1.2 million. McLaren will likely only make about 500 copies of the car, which they hope will be a direct competitor to Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo replacement. Coincidentally, the F150—as Ferrari’s been calling it—is also scheduled to debut in Geneva.
Ferrari Enzo Replacement Spied Testing
By Brittany Cermak on February 5, 2013
YouTube user Marchettino brings us the latest spy video of Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo replacement. Though the F150—as Ferrari’s been calling it—won’t make its official debut until about a month from now at the Geneva Motor Show, Marchettino caught the super car out and about testing in Italy at Ferrari’s Fiorano track. As Motor Authority reports, this is the first time the F150’s engine notes have been caught on tape. Even though the car will likely utilize two electric motors in addition to a V12, it still sounds as impressive as any Ferrari we've ever heard.
Chris Harris Gets His Hands on a Ferrari 458 Spider
By Brittany Cermak on February 1, 2013
Super expensive exotic cars like the Ferrari 458 Spider are certainly nice to look at, and I’m sure there are other people out there like us who could spend an entire day doing just that. But how often do you really get to see one in action? Not driving-around-the-neighborhood action, but truly driven like it was designed to? Thanks to the Drive Channel and to whoever lent their 458 Spider to Chris Harris against Ferrari’s wishes, that’s exactly what we’re treated to in the above video. Enjoy!
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