Ferrari to Sell Selling Less

Ferrari announced recently that it plans to cut production of Ferrari cars by 400 units this year in order to make Ferrari cars more exclusive. From the outside one might think that owning a Ferrari is already exclusive and not just from the price tag either.

In most cases you can't buy a brand new Ferrari without first having a relationship with a Ferrari dealership and getting on their waiting list and then finding a way to move up to the top of that list. So if you really want a Ferrari, you normally have to start with buying a used Ferrari. If you own a Ferrari already (whether you bought it new or used), this announcement is good news. By putting fewer new cars on the road, Ferrari has potentially just increased the demand, price and exclusivity of your car.

This change was recently announced by Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo to the media as part of his announcement of Ferrari's impressive first quarter results for 2013. Not including La Ferrari pre-sales (which have around a ~$1.3 million dollar price tag), Ferrari sold around 1,800 cars during the first quarter of the year, an increase of around 4% from last year's first quarter.

The reason for the decrease in production is best described in Montezemolo's own words: “I want Ferrari to remain exclusive. A Ferrari is like a beautiful woman, she must be worth waiting for and desired. I base my ideas on what I learned from Enzo Ferrari, if we produce less cars, we will not flood the market and it makes our used cars more desirable too.”

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