Kia Continue to Tease with K900 Design Sketches

With the Kia K900 set to be launched next month, they’ve bumped up the anticipation by releasing a couple of design sketches. You could say they needed to, as their Ceed compact stole the spotlight at the recent 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Nevertheless, the pair of renderings have placed the limelight back with the K900, as they show off a vehicle that looks elegant and luxurious.

In the words of the Kia, the reinvigorated model “introduces a modern air of elegance and gravitas to the large sedan segment”, which is a fair analogy judging by the sketches. Kia continue by talking about the front grille, saying the design is impacted by the “changing shape of condensed energy”, and stating the headlights are “influenced by the trajectory of light.”

If we break that down slightly, then the grille consists of 176 cells that gradually stretch wider and wider towards the edges. Moreover, the tail lights and exhaust have been given a chrome trim, which should look fantastic on the real car. Now, no real details have emerged yet, so we can only use our observations and imagination, but these sketches suggest the market is going to be blessed with one hell of car.

Of course, sketches don’t always materialize into the finished product, but the design aspect links up perfectly with the recent teaser video, which does feature the actual car. Luckily, though, we don’t have to wait too long to see the car in all its glory.