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Kia Continue to Tease with K900 Design Sketches

With the Kia K900 set to be launched next month, they’ve bumped up the anticipation by releasing a couple of design sketches. You could say they needed to, as their Ceed compact stole the spotlight at the recent 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Nevertheless, the pair of renderings have placed the limelight back with the K900, as they show off a vehicle that looks elegant and luxurious.

Kia Niro EV Concept Showcased Before Its CES Debut

Kia have been working hard on its Niro crossover, and on January 9, it will swap the combustion engine, for a sparkling-new zero-emissions version. The market will be able to see the latest model at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, but Kia have already released a number of teaser images which vaguely reveal the design.
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Everything You Need to Know About the 2018 Kia Stinger

While some regard Kia to be of a similar quality to BMW, Audi, and perhaps even Porsche, others believe they have been falling a little short for many years. With the release of the 2018 Stinger, we think it might just bring an end to this argument because it’s incredibly impressive.