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US Debut for Volvo XC40

By Zlatan Stankovic on November 24, 2017

For some time, the Volvo XC40 has been attracting attention all over the world but this compact SUV is finally going to make its way over to the US for the first time. Showing in Los Angeles for the Auto Show, Volvo will be making an appearance with the model in addition to a brand-new idea for the market called ‘Care by Volvo’. As a subscription-based buying service, it’ll reward loyal customers with a series of benefits and features.

According to the early news we’ve heard of Care by Volvo, we’ll find it easier than ever to own a car; in fact, they say it’ll be as easy as owning a cell phone. On November 29 2017, both the company President, Anders Gustafsson, and the CEO, Hakan Samuelson, will present their subscription package along with the XC40 in what is an exciting time for the Swedish company.

In a recent interview, Gustafsson said that California is a beautiful meeting place between technology and transportation. Therefore, it makes for the perfect venue in their release of the SUV and subscription program. When it comes to car ownership, the President believes that Care by Volvo is ‘where life is less complicated for our customers’.

In terms of the XC40, this is the latest model in what seems to be a refresh in their range around the world. Previously, we saw the XC60, S90, and even the XC90. This time, the XC40 is a plug-in hybrid utilizing a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine for power. In the future, Volvo is also planning to add fully-electric models to the range in a move that all manufacturers seem to be exploring in one capacity or another.

Let’s get down to business, how much will you need to pay to get your hands on the model? Set to arrive in dealerships towards the beginning of 2018, the Volvo XC40 will cost just over $37,500. However, as always, there will be opportunities for customization and the most expensive version of the SUV will cost just under $46,000. For the XC40, Volvo has built a specialized sporty R-Design trim for those who want to invest that little bit more. With luxurious leather inside, diamond-cut 20-inch wheels, numerous safety features, and many other additions that make the investment worthwhile, it’ll be a tricky decision whether or not to include the customization options.

With the Los Angeles Auto Show just around the corner, we can’t help but look forward to their grand reveal and learn more about the subscription program. Will it be affordable? What benefits will customers enjoy? Will it compete with the other subscription systems around? We’ll find out the answer to all of these questions and more!

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