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US Debut for Volvo XC40

For some time, the Volvo XC40 has been attracting attention all over the world but this compact SUV is finally going to make its way over to the US for the first time. Showing in Los Angeles for the Auto Show, Volvo will be making an appearance with the model in addition to a brand-new idea for the market called ‘Care by Volvo’. As a subscription-based buying service, it’ll reward loyal customers with a series of benefits and features.

Your Guide to the Volvo V90 Cross Country

Your Guide to the Volvo V90 Cross Country

Presenting the Polestar 1 - A Powerful Hybrid from Volvo

The first car from the Polestar is The Polestar 1, a hybrid car that can deliver 592bhp from its powertrain. Early impressions are relatively good for the hybrid Grand Tourer Coupe. While there are not a lot of technical details available for the car, one thing that’s interesting from its press release is that it comes with an internal combustion.

Polestar Teases a Tuned, Limited Run Volvo S60: Video

Volvo racing partner Polestar is teasing a limited edition Volvo S60 Polestar. Polestar and Volvo unveiled the S60 concept last year, but from watching the teaser video it appears they will be making it a limited production vehicle to be sold in Australia. Perhaps Volvo and Polestar are testing the waters?