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Over the course of history, there has been many stories that grip not only the nation but the whole world. For example, the assassination of J.F. Kennedy is one that shook the globe and people of all nationalities still visit the scene and pay their respects even today. With the murder of Tupac Shakur, this was another because he was an artist that operated within his niche while also managing to obtain music fans from various other genres.

In 1996, at the age of just 25, Tupac was reaching heights many other musicians only dreamed of when he was tragically shot four times in Las Vegas, Nevada. After being treated in a hospital nearby, he eventually died six days later and hearts broke all around the world. Over two decades later and boasting a legacy that still lives on today, Tupac is still admired. To a mixed reception, it has now been announced that the vehicle in which he was shot will be available to the market and this has led to conversations and debates across all age ranges.

1996 BMW 7 Series

Described as a ‘pre-owned clear title’ BMW, the model has 120,000 miles on the clock and is now available for $1.5 million. With an automatic transmission and a 5.4-liter 12-cylinder engine, it’s a rear-wheel drive and painted black just as it was when it was last in use. In case you were unaware of the story, the car has actually been kept away from the public for over twenty years but it has finally been restored and the ‘Celebrity Cars’ company in Las Vegas is offering it to whoever wants to pay the princely sum.

On that fateful night, the BMW was being driven by Suge Knight after Death Row Records leased the vehicle on behalf of the record label and all the artists within. Over the past couple of years, experts have been restoring the vehicle and they now claim it to be in the same condition as it was before the incident. However, there’s one indentation that remains and this is believed to be a bullet hole.

In terms of its condition, the company say the wheels are exactly the same as in 1996 and the engine still runs smoothly. Whenever a buyer comes to the fore, documentation will be provided to them which proves the ownership as well as the history of the vehicle. Over the twenty years since Tupac’s death, the car has had several owners but this is the first time it has been through a full restoration and the first time it’s going to be available to anybody willing to pay the asking price.

Just recently, the car was actually in the news after an unauthorized company put the car up for sale. After the appropriate legal entities found that they didn't have the right to even possess the vehicle let alone sell it, Celebrity Cars now has the car in the showroom.


A little later, we’re going to provide you with some more information regarding the incident itself but first we should explain a little more about the model and what the buyer will be receiving. Of course, the car has the large price tag due to the event that took place but the BMW still offers a V8 engine, five-speed electronically-controlled automatic transmission, all-season traction, adaptive transmission control (ATC), double pivot front suspension, twin-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers, four-link integral rear suspension, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and a fuel tank offering 25 gallons.

Inside, leather is very much the theme as was the case for most BMW models back in the 1990s. In addition to this, the BMW 7 Series offers three memory positions (for the outside mirrors, seatbelt, and steering wheel), armrests, multi-function display controls, electronic analog speedometer, anti-theft AM/FM stereo, rear window defroster, locking glovebox, and all the features you might expect. Compared to these days, the electronics are limited and it makes for an interesting comparison to see just how far we’ve come over the past two decades.

Finally, the exterior offers body-color bumpers, halogen free-form fog lights, auto tilt-down mirror for reversing (somewhat ahead of its time), tinted glass, and dual power-heated outside mirrors to stay protected from frost and condensation.

Third-Generation 7 Series

If you’re an enthusiast for all things BMW-related, you’ll know that the third-generation of the 7 series began in 1995 which makes this vehicle one of the early designs. Available between 1995 and 2001, the third-generation offered two different models; the standard-length model along with the ‘long wheelbase’ iL model. Furthermore, there were variations in the engines with straight-six, V8, and V12.

Moving away from the petrol side of things, the third-generation was the first time BMW shifted into the diesel market and this started with the straight-six. In 1998, they decided to add the turbo V8 to diesel and the full third-generation range had been completed. In terms of future models within the 7 Series, the third-generation will be noted for the first curtain airbags as well as being the first time that satellite navigation was offered for the European designs. With the sat-nav system working alongside the first in-built television, it was a huge step forward for the company in terms of technology and consumer experience.

After the first release in 1977, this model marked the twentieth anniversary of the 7 series and there were huge changes between the two dates. Similarly, we’ve seen dramatic changes from 1996 to 2017, in both design and engineering, where BMW now offer the sixth generation which was first released in 2015. In the year of this particular model’s release, nearly 23,000 units were sold in the US alone and it has remained a popular option ever since. Although the market is now more competitive than ever before, around 32,000 7 series vehicles were sold in 2014 within the US and China.

Tupac Shakur and his 1996 Death

To finish, we just want to talk a little regarding Tupac Shakur, the importance of this vehicle, and his legacy in the music industry (and much farther afield). Known by his stage name of ‘2Pac’, ‘Lesane Parish Crooks’ was considered a musician, rapper, actor, and poet. To this day, he sits on the list of best-selling artists after recently reaching 75 million record sales. Within the US, ‘All Eyez on Me’ from 1996 remains as one of the best-selling albums of all-time. After his death, a ‘Greatest Hits’ album was released and this also deserves the same accolade.

Still today, modern-day musicians claim Tupac as one of the most inspirational rappers to have ever walked our planet and his name constantly appears on ‘Greatest Artists’ lists from magazines, TV shows, and various other publications. Just earlier this year, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

At the beginning of his career, Tupac would MC, dance, and be a roadie for Digital Underground before then making the jump into producing his own music. In terms of the music itself, it was centered around the violence, racism, and other social issues experienced in inner cities. With both parents belonging to the Black Panther Party, this clearly influenced his music and he eventually went on to discuss the rivalry between West Coast and East Coast rappers. Over time, a rivalry would form between Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

Death - In September 1996, the world was watching Las Vegas as Mike Tyson prepared to fight Bruce Seldon. Despite Tyson winning by knockout in the first round, the headlines were made elsewhere after Tupac was shot in a drive-by shooting. However, the trouble started before this after Tupac was involved in an altercation with Orlando Anderson. In fact, the footage was all caught using the video surveillance system in the hotel.

Once the altercation had been broken up, Shakur and Suge Knight entered the 7 Series and made their way to Club 662 which was owned by Death Row records. In addition to the BMW, there was also a whole entourage of vehicles which included a security team and many others.

Shortly after 11pm, the BMW was pulled over by police for not having any number plates while also playing music too loudly. During the stop, the number plates were found in the trunk and the whole group were free to go without receiving a ticket of any kind.

No more than ten minutes later, Shakur spoke, while standing up through the sunroof, with two females who had pulled up alongside them at a red light. Shortly after, a white Cadillac pulled alongside the BMW and Tupac was shot four times; two in the chest, one in the thigh, and one in the arm. To this day, nobody knows who committed the crime and Tupac sadly passed away less than a week later of internal bleeding and respiratory failure.


As you can see, this particular BMW tells multiple stories. Not only does it show the growth of BMW from the seventies to the nineties (and from the nineties to now), it also holds a significant place in history as the vehicle in which the legendary rapper, Tupac Shakur, was shot. Over the coming weeks, it’ll be interesting to see whether anybody purchases the vehicle and what happens in the time ahead. Will it go to a museum? Will it be used on the roads? For $1.5 million, it’s certainly going to take a big decision! If you are interested click here to see it.