Tips for Selling Your Used Honda

The interwebs is an effective platform for selling a used Honda. Whether you list on a Honda-specific website, or an established used car forum, there are endless locations to list your classic or new-age Honda for sale. The good news is that Honda is not as niche-heavy as a Porsche for example. Fortunately, there are a few tips for selling your used Honda that will reduce stress, the possibility of being scammed, and have better chances of a quick sale with maximum profits.

Anytime you’re thinking about selling a used Honda or other specialty vehicle, consider the following four tips posted below.

Understand Your Intended Audience

A Honda is a quite reliable vehicle and attracts a diverse consumer base. The first thing you need to realize is that you’re not trying to sell the car to a reduced consumer base – but the general public. Due to this reality – you should consider the buyer’s mind and the platforms they choose trust for buying this type of high-end vehicle.

Make Sure you Keep Good Service Records

Since the typical Honda buyer is usually interested in value and reliability, they’ll ask a lot of questions about the condition of your vehicle. The best way to back up your statements is by having ample service records on hand. If you haven’t kept your receipts of oil changes, tire swaps, alignments and other routine service – contact the vendors you used and get a hard copy of these receipts or service records. If you brought your Honda to a dealership – even better! Contact them and make sure there is a paper trail, so you can share with potential buyers.

Sell Your Honda to Enthusiasts by Targeting Them Directly

If you’re serious about selling your Honda, it’s a good idea to post ads in a target-rich environment. There are multiple online forums and sales platforms that specialize in Honda and other import performance vehicles. Instead of posting your Accord or Civic on – you should probably search online for Honda enthusiast’s sales platforms, or reliable sites that organize their listings by brand.

Have Realistic Expectations

While you might believe your Honda is “priceless” – most buyers won’t agree. The final tip we can offer is to be realistic about selling your Honda to private consumers. There are a few things you can do before listing your car that will help attract buyers and weed out “tire-kickers”.

  • Do a competitive analysis. Search online for similar cars, with the same mileage and options. Find a price range and list your car in the middle.
  • Consider a pre-purchase car inspection. While this is typically reserved for buyers, being proactive and having a professional mechanic complete an inspection, and documenting it, will provide peace of mind to possible buyers.
  • Always insist on a test drive. To reduce the potential of being scammed, don’t agree to sell a vehicle to anyone who hasn’t seen in person or test driven the car first. This is usually is a tall tell sign of possible fraud.

While your Honda is valuable to you, and is likely a good buy for someone else, by following the four steps above, you’ll improve the chances of a quick sale, and getting optimal value for your Honda.