Used Cars

The Essential Used Porsche 997 Buyer’s Checklist

It is a buyer’s market for used Porsche 997s. The prices are dropping, and many who never believed they could own a sports car are finding these wonders drawing closer and closer to their budget. Today is the day to get your bargain as the gap between used and new Porsches grows. What do you need to know about buying a used Porsche before you jump into the frenzy?

Four Steps for Selling a Toyota Online

If you’re searching for that “oh what a feeling” sensation that comes with a quick car sale – pay attention to the next few paragraphs. Selling a Toyota online does not require an advanced degree in Information Technology.

A Fool-Proof Used Nissan Buyers Guide

If you read most used car reviews, you’ll quickly discover one common thread – previously owned Nissan’s are rated quite well. Nissan’s have been one of the most reliable and long-lasting consumer cars on the market for the past 30-years.

Tips for Selling Your Used Honda

The interwebs is an effective platform for selling a used Honda. Whether you list on a Honda-specific website, or an established used car forum, there are endless locations to list your classic or new-age Honda for sale. The good news is that Honda is not as niche-heavy as a Porsche for example.

How to Avoid the Nightmare of Selling a Used Ford

Have you ever heard of seller’s remorse? Believe it or not, it’s a real feeling that some people experience after selling their vehicle to a nightmarish individual. Whether its contacting them with nit-picking issues, complaints, and in some cases, threats of legal action.

How to Buy a Reliable Used Hyundai

There was a time when buying a used Hyundai was risky proposition. Times have changed quite a bit. Hyundai has risen to the top of US imports in dependability, reliability, and believe it or not – dependable used car sales.