Four Steps for Selling a Toyota Online

If you’re searching for that “oh what a feeling” sensation that comes with a quick car sale – pay attention to the next few paragraphs. Selling a Toyota online does not require an advanced degree in Information Technology. Since Toyota’s attract a large consumer base and are not niche-based, the possibility of finding a good buyer for your Corolla, Rav-4, or Tacoma is much higher than a higher-end or specialty niche – like a Lexus for example.

To simplify the process for selling a Toyota, here are four steps you should consider so you can get a quick sale with maximum value.

Step 1 – Get your Toyota Inspected First

If you’re serious about selling your Toyota and want to ensure you receive maximum value – knowing the current condition of your vehicle is a smart first step. There is a service that several mechanics or local shops provide called a pre-sale used car inspection. Typically, the mechanic will inspect the condition of the suspension, transmission, and engine for fluid leaks, and general condition. By taking the proactive measure of having this type of inspection completed, you’ll have a more accurate understanding of the condition of your Toyota. This permits you to accurately list the value of your Toyota prior to posting.

Step 2 – Have Your Toyota Detailed

Prior to taking pictures of your Toyota (which you’ll be using to post the ad online) – make the $20 investment to have your Toyota professionally cleaned. Many local car washes offer a premium exterior and interior cleaning package that will significantly improve the appearance of the vehicle. Since most consumers base interest on photos in online advertising, making sure your Toyota is in peak condition will make a great first impression.

Step 3 – Complete Some Online Research

Once you’ve taken some good pictures of the clean Toyota, the next step is trying to determine what the average price other people are paying for cars that are similar with yours. A great way to accomplish this step is to simply search for used cars like yours. For example, if you have a 2005 Toyota Camry LE for sale, search for the same year, make and model on Google. Pick 5 vehicles that have the similar mileage as yours and is in similar condition as your Toyota. Once you find the prices of these five Toyota Camry LE’s, average them out – and that should be your starting price point.

Step 4 – Find the Right Site and Write a Detailed Description

There are two schools of thought when it comes to selling a vehicle – post online for maximum value or post for a quick sale. If you’re simply trying to get rid of an old car, then sites like or even posted on Social Media pages like Facebook is probably a good idea. If you’re looking for maximum value, then posting on or other automotive-specific used car sites gives you a better chance of success.

If you’ve had your vehicle inspected, understand the true value of the Toyota, take good pictures and write a good description of the car – posted on the right site, your chances of selling your Toyota online significantly improves.