The Top 5 Safest Luxury SUVs You Can Buy On

Whether you’re a family needing extra space but don’t want to sacrifice on performance, or a thrill-seeker who wants a sporty car with more storage, SUVs are super-versatile. Not only do they look fantastic, they perform brilliantly which is why millions are purchased every single year. The SUV market truly is colossal.

But, manufacturers are constantly under increasing pressure to bolster their SUVs with a multitude of safety features. Yes, design and mechanics are vital, but buyers in the market want vehicles that are reliable in varying conditions and scenarios. So, if you’re searching for a safe SUV right now, here are the top 5 currently available:

1) Lexus RX

Dubbed as the original luxury crossover SUV, the Lexus RX has added a third-row seat for their 2018 350L model, which is an upgrade from its predecessors. As with their other SUV – the NX – this vehicle comes in both petrol and hybrid-powered variants, but they both are blessed with the same safety features.

Not only do you have forward-collision auto-braking that can help fatal crashes with both pedestrians and other vehicles, you also have a lane departure warning system with integrated lane keeping assist. If you want a blind-spot monitor/rear cross-traffic alerts, though, you’ll have to purchase it separately.

2) Lexus NX

The Lexus NX has been around for a while, but the manufacturer decided to give it a fresh makeover for 2018. So, now you have the NX, NX300 and the NX300h which is the hybrid-powered variant. All of them have mirroring aesthetics, and we’ve got to say they’re amazing. But, they’ve now all had some extra safety features fitted.

If you purchase a standard model, you’ll receive forward-collision warning with a full auto-braking system that has incorporated human detection. Alongside that, you’ll also have lane departure warnings and lane keeping system to help you during longer journeys. If you want to splash out a bit more, you can buy a blind-spot monitor/rear cross-traffic alerts with the Luxury or Premium packages.

3) Audi Q7

If you love the Audi range, but you want an SUV that packs more punch and offers more presence on the roads, then the Q7 may be perfect for you. Similar to other models from the German manufacturer, there’s a forward-collision auto-braking system that helps prevent crashes up to 52-MPH.

With the more deluxe packages, you could also benefit from higher speed auto-braking, bling-spot/rear cross-traffic alerts, lane departure and even a comprehensive night-vision system that can sense pedestrians or large animals in the dark. Ultimately, the Q7 has a stunning appearance and is stocked full of awesome safety features.

4) Audi Q5

The 2018 model of the Q5 has undergone a beautiful redesign, and now appears even more compact and sportier. Plus, depending on the variant that you opt for, you could generate a serious amount of power when you put your foot down. The SQ5 boasts of a twin-turbocharged V6 engine.

But, the safety aspect of the SUV hasn’t been neglected. The first major thing that’s been integrated into the vehicle is a forward-collision warning system which coincides with a ‘superior’ rated low speed ‘city’ auto-braking system. This helps the driver avoid hitting other cars and people up to speeds of 52-MPH. In addition, if you add the Premium Plus or Prestige trims, you’ll also get higher speed auto-braking and blind-spot/cross-traffic alerts.

5) Acura MDX

This vehicle has been an extremely popular choice for SUV lovers for a long time now, simply due to the aesthetics, performance and drivability. On top of that, Acura have built up a solid reputation for consistently delivering excellent cars, with a ton of safety features coming as standard.

In fact, they tend to be more advanced than their competition. The only option that requires an additional purchase is a blind-spot/rear cross-traffic warning system, either in the Technology or Advanced option package.

There you have it… the top 5 safest SUVS currently being sold. Some more catch your eye more than others, but they all have their pros and cons. Find one that suits your needs, budget and style the best, and then rest assured knowing your car will never let you down.