Super-Cool L-Concept Motorcycle from Bandit 9 Motors

If you’re searching for a cool creation which isn’t comprised of the typical four wheels, then you may come across something like an Indian tuk-tuk. However, now that Bandit 9 Motors have produced a two-wheeled beauty, that may soon change. Now, believe us, their masterpiece is absolutely incredible, and just to give you an idea of the brains behind the project, read this quote by Daryl Villanueva, Founder & Chief of Design at Bandit 9 –

“The only thing that stands between fact and fiction is time.”

That suggests the brand was endeavouring to manufacture something totally unique that had never been seen before, and that’s exactly what they did with the L-Concept. It consists of an all-chrome shell which is as minimalistic as you could possibly get; picture two wheels, retracted handlebars, an engine and a rectangular beam with a teardrop saddle merged into it.

But, that simple sci-fi approach is what gives it that unique factor. You see, take the 125cc engine for example… rather than being hidden behind a silhouette of pure metal, it’s housed in a turbine-like compartment directly beneath the seat for all to see. Additionally, instead of having bog-standard headlights, there’s a crystal white LED panel at the front of the bike.

Further features include manoeuvre controls, unibody tank and flat dual shocks. Moreover, a lot of the motorcycle is actually custom made by the specialist team at Bandit 9, such as the speedometer, front forks, foot pegs, aluminium grips, swingarm and gas cap. So, it shows that they wanted to leave no stone unturned when producing this bike.

Here are some specs:

  • Engine: Four Stroke (Air-cooled)
  • Transmission: Manual – Four-speed
  • Weight: 135 KG
  • Top Speed: 110 KM/H
  • Start-up: Electric

Only 9 were commissioned, but we still believe there are four remaining. So, if you’re willing to splash out $10,950, you could be the proud owner of an L-Concept. In terms of classic design, awesome features and respectable performance, it won’t be a bad $10,950 investment. Plus, you’ll have great fun riding around the streets on it!