More Than 400bhp for New A45 AMG

When it comes to new cars on the market, it’s often the nicknames that capture the attention and imagination of the fanatics. With the new Mercedes-AMG A45, the nickname of ‘the Predator’ has already got people excited and it’s not hard to see why. So far, our information on the A45 is limited but we do know that company insiders claim it to offer 400bhp.

According to Tobias Moers, AMG boss, the car is in development and it won’t be a hybrid which is something many people were expecting. With four cylinders and four oval exhausts, the AMG leader was quoted as saying the model will be taking steps forward in ‘every perspective’ and this includes driving dynamics.

In addition to the A45, Moers also promised the A35 which is likely to be an all-round vehicle much like the Golf GTI. Compared to the A45, a different engine block will be used, bhp should just reach 300, and we could see a different name whether it’s the A32 4Matic or even the A36 4Matic.

Coming back to the A45, we’ve managed to see some pictures and the first thing we noticed was how low to the ground it seemed to be running. If you’ve been keeping up with the news surrounding Mercedes-AMG, you’ll know there’s been much talk regarding a bespoke chassis and adjustable dampers. Well, this continues and it could explain the low chassis and its ultra-low ‘track mode’. In some of the pictures available, there’s very little room between the nose and ground and the wheel arches drop below the top of the tires too.

If we compare this model to the Audi RS3, you can clearly see that their aim is to go faster on track and this is going to be a tricky task considering the RS3 offers nearly 400bhp itself. However, the Mercedes-AMG team has been working hard and we can expect the A45 to exceed the Audi in both horsepower and weight too. According to Autocar, they’re trying to break the four-second mark when it comes to the classic 0-62mph speed test.

Overall, the model will boast several upgrades and one of these will be four-wheel drive which allows the car to react to the driver’s every move. As power travels to the rear wheels faster than ever, this also creates a fantastic split between the axles and this should be noticeable from the first time you get behind the wheel.

As 2017 comes to a close and we head towards the New Year, rumors will continue and we look forward to discussing the model in more detail when information becomes available!