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Mercedes X-Class by Carlex Design

By Zlatan Stankovic on March 19, 2018

Back when the X-Class was launched, it was clear to see that Mercedes had just stamped their own logo onto a Nissan Nevara chassis. So, everyone knew that at some point we’d see a model of the X-Class that really captured the true essence of the Mercedes brand, and allowed it to be distinguished from the Nissan Nevara pick-up. Well, now we have it… an X-Class with a menacing body kit created specially by Carlex.

They didn’t just produce one, though, they produced two unique variants. There’s the X-Class EXY Off-Road and there’s the X-Class EXY Urban, both of which take the vehicle to a whole new level.

With the EXY Off-Road, you’ll instantly spot the huge, chunky tyres with mudguards which are designed to withstand all types of terrain. Next, you’ll notice that the suspension has been raised, a sturdy metal towing winch tucked just underneath and a roof-mounted lightbar for increased visibility in the dark.

On the other hand, you get an intimidating car that is perfectly suited to the roads in the EXY Urban. You’ll be granted with lowered suspension, exposed carbon fiber, 22-inch wheels and customised air intakes and grille. Plus, you’ll find a subtle diffuser and bolt-on fender flares (but the EXY Off-Road also has those). Furthermore, there’s also the option with both to attach an electronic sound booster on the exhaust to throw thunderous V8 sound into the mix.

In terms of the interior, Carlex has done a magnificent job to give the X-Class its own identity. Firstly, there’s an abundance of black leather upholstery which bounces off the carbon fiber trim beautifully. Moreover, in the Urban model, it will be slightly different; you’ll see Recaro bucket seats in the front and patches of burgundy leather on the steering wheel and dashboard.

The EXY Off-Road comes in at €13,995 and the EXY Urban comes in at €16,995, which are both pricey considering they’re only body kits. But, if you want to drive round in a pick-up which empowers you to feel like you’re in a true Mercedes and not just a replica of the Nissan Nevara, one of them is definitely worth investing in!

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