Mercedes To Break 1000 BHP with The F1 Engine

By Zlatan Stankovic on December 19, 2017

The mastermind behind the F1 engine, Andy Cowell is going to spice up Mercedes’s engine – it will soon cross the 1000 BHP barrier.

Mercedes has successfully bagged double world championships four times in a row. The power development unit had crossed 900 BHP last year and is racing towards reaching 1000. Cowell is confident that it will be achieved soon.

This year, the Mercedes’s engine broke the 50% thermal efficiency barrier the first ever. This progress has marked the manufacturer to be the most efficient engine designer. The M08 EQ Power+ is known to be the best.

With climate change being the reigning ‘worldwide doomsday concern’, manufacturers are compelled to focus on producing thermally efficient engine which is a blessing to Mother Nature as well as all of us.

Thermal energy is calculated by measuring the total amount of useful energy produced from a pre-defined amount of heat input. In F1, thermal efficiency is a cause of concern as it has a strict fuel-flow limit rate of 100 kg/hour.

Cowell has mentioned that for the Mercedes to bring the 50% fuel efficient cars from the testing lab to the market might take a little more time than anticipated – perhaps in the dawn of next year.

The power unit still has to be tested through all seasons, especially the winter. If the same efficiency remains for the winter, it’s an achievement.

The thing to note here is that these cars are running on the dyno. There are more things to be worked out. One such area is the full lap time; work is being done to improve both power unit and aerodynamic performance. Cowell is keeping his fingers crossed!

Mercedes has first released its turbo-hybrid engine with an efficiency of 44% in 2014. The soon to be released engine is sure keeping us on our toes!

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