Is This The Craziest Rolls Royce You’ve Ever Seen?

Corbin Goodwin is a serial car-modifier, and since his RX7 creation, which he labelled as the “Zero F*** Given RX7”, he has crazily modified a 1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II. It was first brought to light on Matt Farah’s The Smoking Tire, where it was showcased on the canyon roads just outside of Los Angeles. Viewers were able to see the outlandish exterior, as well as the 6.75-liter V8 engine, which was extracted from a Ford Super Duty pickup.

Like with all of his creations, Goodwin tends to sell them to fund his next creation, so it’s no surprise to this one for sale. From the time he bought it, which was around four years ago, he’s invested roughly $20,000 to get it to how it appears today. He modified it with a welded rear differential, trunk-mounted radiator, massive bumper-mounted intercooler, 19-inch Porsche Panamera rims, and a ton of custom fabrication. Plus, you can’t forget about the 20-gallon fuel tank which it boasts of.

Now, the exterior is absolutely bizarre, to say the least. The coolant pipes from the radiator are protrude from the bonnet, and run along the roof, the grill has been removed so that the turbo has enough space to operate, and the number plate reads – “God Save The E.U.”. Furthermore, if we move on to the interior, there’s an over-sized gearshift changer, an aircraft-style boost gauge, and Sparco bucket seats. If you truly want to get a feel for this unique car, it’s best to give the test drive video a watch.

So, it’s up for sale, and there will no doubt be someone who falls in love with it and places a hefty bid. As for who that someone is – it will most likely be someone who wants to get one over on all of the Rolls-Royce classicists out there.