Everything You Need to Know About Mercedes-Benz S560 Coupe

In life, we face difficult decisions and they normally decide how the next portion of our lives will go. While some decisions are small like choosing what to eat and how to spend our free time, others are large like our jobs and relationships. Within the latter category, we find our choice of vehicle. When it comes to choosing a new car, a simple mistake will lead to regret for many years after so we need to consider the options carefully and invest in the model that keeps us happy for the longest.

With the numerous new vehicles entering the market every single year, this decision is a tough one but it’s one we’re going to help with today. In recent months, there’s been a buzz around Mercedes-Benz due to their new S560 Coupe and, below, we’ve listed everything you ever need to know. Should you invest in this model? After reading through our guide, you should be in a position to compare with other models to make a good decision (and therefore enjoy the next portion of your life!).

Starting with the basics, it looks like a classic Mercedes-Benz with style, luxuriousness, and purpose all rolled into one. From the front, the design looks sleek and the indentations on the hood (and running down the side) give it character. In the past, Mercedes-Benz has gone for smooth designs from the front to the back and this is good for those who like perfection. However, we think there’s more character in this one because you get the odd bend and sharp lines in amongst the curves.

Under the hood, we find a biturbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine which certainly makes some noise as it powers to 516 lb-ft of torque and 463 horsepower. This, combined with the nine-speed automatic transmission, means that the S560 Coupe will reach 60mph in around 4.5 seconds; eventually, the model then achieves a top speed of 130mph.

Before we offer some benefits and drawbacks to the model, we should also point out the all-wheel drive which should allow you full control as you drive in all conditions. With the power distributed evenly to all four wheels, the Mercedes-Benz should feel just as good on the highway as it does weaving in and out of traffic around the neighborhood. In total, this four-seater weighs a little over 4,700 pounds with a cargo volume of over ten cubic feet.

If you want to invest in all these features, you’ll have to part with $124,500 and we don’t think this pricing is too outrageous nor do we think it was particularly unexpected. For your investment, you’ll also take advantage of the forward-thinking technology for which Mercedes-Benz has now become known. However, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves because we’re going to talk more about the technology a little later. As promised, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks to choosing this model.

Starting with the benefits, we couldn't start anywhere else than with the efficient powertrain. As we’ve already seen, the biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine sits in the front of the vehicle and this allows for brilliant power. This being said, this isn't the best part about the engine because we like the way the power generates more than anything else. From all speeds, torque will readily flow and the nine-speed automatic transmission almost glides through the process which means you’re always

in the right position to continue the acceleration. While some vehicles tend to stagger their way to the top speed, Mercedes-Benz has mastered the art of gliding through almost effortlessly.

From here, we like the clear definable difference between the Sedan and Coupe; of course, the latter is ‘sportier’. In the past, some manufacturers have had trouble differentiating between two models of these types but Mercedes-Benz has done a really good job. First and foremost, the engine note is clearly more aggressive and this makes the two vehicles sound like completely different animals; while the Sedan gently hums away at standing revs, the Coupe almost purrs or rumbles just waiting for the V8 engine to be unleashed.

In addition to the engine noise, the Coupe also offers a shorter wheelbase and this makes for a noticeable difference. In terms of driving, this means corners can be taken with almost a sense of disregard and the Mercedes-Benz will be underneath you holding on perfectly well. Overall, the two models make for textbook definitions of their names with the Coupe coming out as the sporty version.

Finally, as perhaps no surprise to anybody, we also want to mention the fantastic technology. Starting with the Active Steering Assist, this seems to combine majestically with the Distronic Adaptive Cruise; it almost feels as though the car is driving itself (of course, we haven't reached this stage just yet!). If you sit in traffic on a daily basis as you make your way into the office, the S560 Coupe will soon become your best friend as it brakes, accelerates, and sticks to the road during low-speed congestion.

Elsewhere, the safety gear can be helpful for warning of obstacles in the blind sport or even ahead during the night. Talking of which, there’s also a night-vision system which picks out pedestrians and other obstacles that could present a danger. For example, it might detect a person along a narrow road. After the instrument cluster shows a little warning with a pedestrian and a red box, you can slow the car down and take whatever evasive action required.

On the whole, we’ve hopefully shown how fantastic the S560 Coupe is and it certainly provides value for money but we’re also going to break down a couple of drawbacks you may not like with the model. As you’ll see, they’re only small issues which is why most people can overlook them in an instant but they’re still important to note.

Firstly, we’ve heard several people complain about the high seating position and this seems to be the biggest problem of all. When testing it ourselves, we seemed to find that the seat was too high even on the lowest setting and this didn't allow for the comfort you might find elsewhere. With some conversations we had, the other testers said they felt as though they were driving on top of the car as opposed to sitting inside so this is something to consider.

With this problem, it becomes almost a dilemma because there is a positive in that a higher seat position allows for a better view out the front and side windows. Of course, this leads to improved safety for not only the driver but for all others on the road. On the flip side, there will be those who want the sports car experience and this normally comes from low seats; especially in the low-slung car that is the S560 Coupe. For most, they would prefer to be closer to the floor but we assume this is something to which we can all grow accustomed.

With the last two drawbacks we’re going to bring, they’re just an opinion and you might not have problems with them at all. To start, we have the touchpad and this was actually introduced many years ago for the infotainment system. In order to work with the rotary controller, the touchpad entered the Mercedes-Benz but we still don’t think it’s as good as it could be. In theory, the ability to search through menus without taking our eyes off the road should be the best idea in the industry. However, it’s pegged back by the lack of physical feedback. Suddenly, to interact with the system, it becomes more distracting than to just use the knob.

To finish this short list of drawbacks, we should also mention the steering-wheel controls. Once again, you might invest in the vehicle only to find that it’s easier than before or not a problem at all. In the S560 Coupe, the cruise-control settings have been moved across to the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the wheel already has numerous buttons and this leads to a clustered feel; in our experience, it’s too easy to activate the touch-sensitive sections and suddenly the infotainment display isn't doing what you want it to do. Compared to the switchgear in the rest of the car, the buttons don’t have the same mechanical feel and this is a problem.

As you can see, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. In fact, all three of the drawbacks might not be a problem for you but this is an ‘everything you need to know’ guide so we thought it appropriate to provide all the information you need to know. In terms of performance, design, and driving technology, the S560 Coupe is everything you would expect from Mercedes-Benz and it becomes a dream to operate. If you love interacting with the controls and various systems within a car, you might just get frustrated with what Mercedes-Benz has created (or perhaps what they haven't changed) with the display and interactivity.

If 2018 is the year of your new vehicle, the new Mercedes-Benz model, as always, should be worth a consideration. With the previous S500 model, we had a vehicle that was good but it didn't quite compete with the Coupe editions on offer from Aston Martin, Bentley, and many others. Now, we’ve seen enough changes to say that the S560 Coupe has been transformed. In most areas, additions and improvements have been made and it’s clear to see the manufacturers have been hard at work. From the sidelines, it now takes center stage and we expect it to do well next year.

While on the topic of 2018, it’s certainly going to be an interesting year across all niches within the automobile industry. Of course, the electric market is going to be fiercely competitive in an important year (after the disappointing first round of electric vehicles). In the market of the S560 Coupe, it should be rivalling the Bentley Continental GT as well as the Aston Martin DB11. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell but this stunning Mercedes-Benz has every chance!