Dyson Moving From Home to Road with Three Electric Cars

Dyson, the legendary company which has been spearheading the home appliances industry for several years with innovative, powerful and reliable vacuum cleaners, is now apparently exploring another avenue. That avenue is the automotive one, and just last year they stated they had an electric car in the pipeline which would be finished in 2020.

That’s exciting in itself right? Another brand flooding $2.6-billion into the production of an electric car! But, the excitement might not just stop there, because there are more reports emerging that Dyson are actually going to develop three electric cars, not just one. Currently, the electric car niche is blowing up as technology and knowledge improves, and it seems that Dyson want to be a huge part of that revolution.

So, if those reports are correct, then that would imply that the vacuum cleaner giants are looking to stay within the automotive industry for a substantial amount of time. Within those reports, it’s said that Dyson are looking to take the market by storm by utilizing a solid-state battery pack to power the car, along with carbon fiber to ensure the models are lightweight.

Although, experts believe the solid-state batteries will come later on, as it won’t be possible to get those ready by 2020. Therefore, Dyson may adopt a lithium-ion battery for their first model and then transition to the solid-state ones with the other two cars. Moreover, it’s though that Dyson are taking tips from Elon Musk and are using the Tesla approach…

First model: High-end

Second model: Mass-market

Third model: Mass-market

How do you feel about Dyson creating a triplet of electric vehicles? Would you be open to purchasing one, or will you forever view them as a top-class vacuum cleaner supplier?