Corvette ZR1 convertible: 755bhp and Much More

Isn't it great when a new car comes along with a simple and ordinary name? With no bells or whistles as far as the name goes, the Corvette ZR1 convertible doesn’t even stretch to a capital ‘C’. When it comes to the model itself, it’s anything but ordinary with 755bhp and a 6.2-liter V8 engine!

Compared to the recently announced Coupe model, the engine is the same but they’ve introduced a new option with the gearbox; seven-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic (which would you choose?). With the automatic version, the top speed should reach 212mph while it takes less than three seconds to hit 60mph from sitting still. However, we should note these numbers come with the additional aero package attached.

So far, Chevrolet has said how the top speed will definitely be ‘over 200mph’. With no roof holding the model back, we believe them too since the engine has got more than enough power to make it happen. After this, they also stated how the aluminum chassis is naturally rigid which means there is no extra strengthening required. Furthermore, the only structural modifications compared to the Coupe are the ones allowing the roof to retract (this involves a repositioning of the seatbelt mounts). With this in mind, the suspension tuning remains the same and, all things considered, the Coupe is less than 30kg lighter than this new convertible.

In terms of pricing, the difference is minimal once again at $123,995 (around $4,000 more expensive). Considering the car offers both speed and power in abundance, this is a respectable starting price. This being said, should we really be surprised? For many years, this has come to be known as ‘the Corvette way’ so why would they change now?

While reading this, you’re probably wondering whether it makes sense to have this hard-shelled model with an open roof and it’s a fair question. In fact, this is the first ZR1 in convertible form since the 1970s; read into this what you will. If we look elsewhere in the market, we would think we were all dreaming if Porsche announced a 911 GT2 RS convertible. Then again, it’s hard to look at the ZR1 convertible and say, with all honesty, they made a mistake.

If you managed to catch the events at the Los Angeles Motor Show, you’ll have seen both models on display so what do you think about them? Is this Corvette doing what they do best; turning heads and getting people talking?