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ZR1 Finds Competitor in Chevy Corvette Z06

In recent weeks, much of the conversation regarding Chevrolet Corvette has surrounded the ZR1; with 755 horsepower and numerous other fantastic features, this is hardly surprising. However, when it comes to the track, it now has a close competitor in the Z06 thanks to Geiger Cars in Germany.

Corvette ZR1 convertible: 755bhp and Much More

Isn't it great when a new car comes along with a simple and ordinary name? With no bells or whistles as far as the name goes, the Corvette ZR1 convertible doesn’t even stretch to a capital ‘C’. When it comes to the model itself, it’s anything but ordinary with 755bhp and a 6.2-liter V8 engine!

Jay Leno Leaves His Garage for the 2014 Corvette: Video

If you watch enough episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage, you begin to assume that the man wears two things—whatever the wardrobe manager on the Tonight Show puts him in and denim. Though he’s indeed wearing his signature jean-on-jean getup in the latest episode, he is not in fact in his garage. Instead, the TV personality and automotive enthusiast is in someone else’s garage—Brown’s Classic Auto in Scottsdale, Arizona—to be precise. What’s he doing there? Well apart from looking fashion forward as always, Mr. Leno is getting up close and personal with the star of the 2013 Detroit Auto Show—the 7th Generation Chevy Corvette.