Cigarette Racing AMG Team Up Again With the 515 Project One

Ever since Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG started collaborating to create super-boats, there’s arguably nothing that’s come close to them in terms of performance and appearance. Considering how epic the AMG cars are, with the likes of the C63 and A45 being far ahead of their competitors on the road, there’s no wonder that their boats are up there with the best. But, it’s the Mercedes-AMG Project One hyper-car that is the inspiration for this latest venture.

So, at the recent Miami International Boat Show, the 515 Project One was unveiled and consumers finally learnt the cost – in excess of two-million-dollars. Although, the market quickly realized that those two-million-dollars pack a hell of a punch, as it’s the greatest boat the duo has ever produced.

Within the 51.5-foot frame, there’s twin Mercury Racing V-8 engines which are the force behind the overall power. Now, you’re probably wondering kind of the power it can generate, right? Well, it’ll rack up a staggering 3,100 BHP – 1,550 BHP each engine – which will push the super-boat to top 140 MPH on straights. Although, they’re also offering a slightly reduce version, with 1,350 engines and 2,700 BHP.

If you take into account this is the most aggressive boat that’s been developed, and is significantly faster than the previous version, you’d probably expect it to be heavier. Plus, there’s room for 6 passengers. But, no, somehow Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG have combined geniuses to make the 515 Project One more powerful and lighter.

One of the factors in that is the carbon fiber that is utilized throughout the boat; the material is used for the entire decking, forward bulkheads, hull, engine hatch, storage hatches and consoles. By adopting a much more streamlined material to construct the boat, they’ve been able to drastically reduce the weight so the increased power can have a stronger effect on the water.

To put the weight topic into perspective – the partnership has been able to slice approximately 1,000 pounds from the original spec. Moreover, even though carbon fiber has been used, the 515 Project One is literally like the Project One hyper-car’s big brother. Why? Because the design of the exterior is wrapped in silver with matte black accents just like the car is.

Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, truly believes this boat will be the master of seas. He stated –

“For 11 years, Cigarette Racing has been our trusted partner that has allowed us to extend our likeminded core performance principles from the land to the water. By directly translating Formula 1 technology from the track to the street, the Mercedes-AMG Project One is out most ambitious and awe-inspiring vehicle yet. It is incredible to see our vision reimagined for the water in such an impressive and highly compelling form.”

Cigarette Racing also commented, saying – “The 515 Project One inspired by Mercedes-AMG is the most innovative performance boat that the Cigarette Racing Team has ever built.”