Brand-New Mercedes-Benz CLS Is Finally Here

Can you remember back to when the first-generation Mercedes-Benz CLS was released? Instantly, it became a hit and there aren't enough words in the dictionary to state how we feel for the model now. After this, they had the tricky task of creating a second-generation and this was always going to be difficult. No matter what they produced, there were always going to be people who didn't like it compared to the first; just as we see with artists and avid music fans who have become so comfortable with the first album. Now, we have the third-generation and it’s decision time once again!

Immediately, you’ll notice the sleek design which offers a low roofline, side windows with no frame which allows the design to compress somewhat, and then a high arching waistline. For us, we think it’s easier on the eye because there are fewer creases and the lines are much smoother. From the front, the grille is wider (this now resembles the AMG GT supercar) and the new shark nose gives it a bit of grit. In addition to this, the grit continues with a bigger headlight cluster.

Towards the rear, it looks as muscular as ever before and this is what gives the model its presence. With droopy LED tail lights, there’s now extra width to the rear and we like this addition. At the Los Angeles Motor Show, there were mixed reactions to the rear and one word we heard used to describe it was ‘flabby’. If you’ve seen it, what do you think?

Then, we come to the inside and surely we know what to expect from a Mercedes-Benz these days? With a perfect combination of luxury and sport, it makes for a brilliant experience just sitting inside without moving. From here, we come to all the toys including 12.3-inch displays with high resolution; these sit on leathers, clean woods, and a color of your choosing (depending on which you like most from the selection of 64!).

If you’re a fan of posh seats, this model is one for you because they’ve been designed and developed especially for the new CLS. As you may have noticed if you’ve seen pictures, it’s also a five-seater for the first time. With the two outer seats in the rear, these are actually the same design as the two front seats. If you like to travel or find yourself constantly moving large items from A to B, the CLS offers around 520 liters of luggage space. As the backrests fold down in a 40/20/40 ratio, you’re afforded copious amounts of room.

Of course, safety and automation are two features that have moved on dramatically from the first-generation so this new CLS has numerous features taken from the S-Class. Currently, we still find ourselves in stage two with Mercedes-Benz so we can’t yet trust our vehicle to drive us home after a long day in the office. Yet, it will provide assistance on the open road and when navigating traffic.

As you may have noticed, we haven't yet addressed the engine and the CLS is using two options recently developed by the company; the 340bhp CLS 400 d 4MATIC and the 286bhp CLS 350 d 4MATIC. So far, the manufacturers have announced only one petrol version and this offers six cylinders, 367bhp, and the most powerful option in the whole range.

In terms of the finer details, extended coasting is allowed with stop-start thanks to 48V electrics. Of course, this comes under what we know as ‘EQ Boost’ and they’ve stated the performance reaches eight cylinders all for the efficiency of six. In under five seconds, the CLS will go from a standing position to 62mph. If you order the model as standard, you’ll get a non-adjustable steel spring five-link rear and four-link front suspension. If you want to change this, different specs will be available.

Currently, the CLS model is still one of the best-selling despite being nearly 15 years old. According to Mercedes-Benz, they sold 350,000 units in the first five months of 2017 alone which shows the power of the name!