All You Need to Know About the 2019 Hyundai Veloster

Since its inception, the Veloster has been extremely popular thanks to it’s smart design aspects and stunning styling. But, their latest model has been refined slightly, which has enhanced the overall look and boosted its desirability. It’s hard not to smile at the upgrades, because it now be considered as one the most awesome looking cars in its category.

For 2019, there’ll be six new colourways, but fans have already started falling in love with the two-tone Racing Red and Black. It allows the sharp lines, distinct edges and smooth curves to really shine. Although, we’re sure all the colourways will do it justice. Plus, if you go for the Turbo trim, you’ll be blessed with 18-inch wheels, which further adds to the aesthetics.

Staying on the design topic, the Veloster has a Cascading Grille and a crafted lower diffuser which do a wonderful job of adding to the intimidating sport appearance at the front. Move round to the back, and you’ll find dual exhaust tips and brand-new LED taillights that give the car some real grit and aggression.

The theme carries over into the interior, too. With an abundance of black and white colours, luxury leather and sporty bucket seats, you’ll be able to sense how much Hyundai have put in to make this model more appealing. However, on a negative note, plenty of people have pointed to the overuse of plastic as being tacky and uninviting.

Moreover, as you can probably guess, the mechanics have also received some much-needed work. The manufacturer has really tried to improve performance this year and have done so via other means rather than changing the engine. You see, you’ll still have the option of a turbocharge 1.6-liter or naturally aspirated 2.0-liter engine like previous versions, but there’s more power being generated.

Despite having just 201-BHP and 195 pound-feet of torque, the 1.6-liter variant smacks down power from the get-go and continues pushing right through to the sixth gear. Where old models would offer the torque at 1,750-RPM, this one makes it available at just 1,500 revs, and believe us it makes a difference. The throttle is more responsive and accelerating from a stop-start is extremely fun.

From standard up to the turbocharged R-Spec model, you’ll be utilizing a six-speed manual gearbox. With the transmission, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Shifting through gears is quick and the clutch is beautifully smooth and intuitive. Being able to push the revs and whack it into gears when you want will only enhance the driving experience.

But, if you go for the Premium Turbo package, you’ll have a seven-speed dual clutch transmission instead. Although not as fun as the manual – in our opinion – the automatic shifting is superbly engineered, and when you do want to change manually using the paddle shifters, it’s simple and straightforward.

As for handling the speed and power, the Veloster has been bolstered with an integrated multilink rear suspension setup that keeps it firmly glued to the road. When you approach twisty turns at speed, the light handling is phenomenal, and only improves as you click the Sport button. However, if you compare it to others in its class, you’ll find that it can be twitchy and quite scary at higher speeds.

Hyundai have made sure to keep up with modern technology advances on this one; from the centre console you’ll be able to operate a 7-inch touchscreen which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built in. If you’re not satisfied with the 7-inch, though, you can always purchase an 8-inch one as an optional extra.

As for safety, the Veloster is kitted out to the max. Well, if you’re prepared to pay, that is. With the standard model, you’ll get collision avoidance and lane keep assist. Optional features include blind spot monitoring, high-beam assist, rear cross-traffic alerts and driver attention warnings.

If you’re impressed by the 2019 Hyundai Veloster and want to get yourself one, the pricing starts at $18,500; the R-Spec slightly more at $22,900 and a juggernaut-type Turbo Ultimate coming in at $28,150.