You can Buy New e-Golf for $4,495!

Over the years, electric cars have been making big strides within the automobile industry. This being said, there has always been one main sticking point; the price. However, could this now be over? Thanks to the EverGreen Electric Vehicle (EV) initiative from Sonoma Clean Power, electric cars are just about to get a whole lot more affordable with the e-Golf coming down a sizeable amount from $29,000.

In total, nine vehicles have been included in the program but the e-Golf seems to have caught the most attention. Offering 124 miles before requiring a charge, the car also comes with a $2,000 Sonoma Clean Power incentive as well as dealer credit worth $7,000. For those located within the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District, the news is even better because a different program, 3-2-1 Go Green, is offering their own incentive for drivers of electric cars.

As we saw earlier, an e-Golf model currently costs $29,000. However, with all the deductions and initiatives offered, those who qualify for every one can grab hold of an e-Golf for a little under $4,500. If the e-Golf doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you would be interested in the other models available in the offer; this includes the Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric, Ford Focus EV, Kia Optima, BMW i3, Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV, and the Nissan Leaf.

For the industry and for consumers, this is great news because it removes one of the main excuses holding drivers back. Ever since electric cars first entered the frame, most were happy to admit that pricing was the only thing preventing them from switching allegiance. Now, with this gone in Sonoma County, experts are predicting an increase in the amount of electric cars on the road and it’ll be interesting to see just how big the jump will be.

For Sonoma County, they hope people will ‘do the right thing’ and this is in relation to the damage petrol cars can do to the environment. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average car emits greenhouse gas levels of over 11,200 pounds each year. In comparison, the emissions of electric cars are thought to be just over 200 pounds a year.

As a prime example, we actually spoke to somebody who just recently started leasing a Nissan Leaf. In rebates and incentives, he managed to save $20,000 off the asking price of the car and he now pays monthly fees of just $90; three times lower than his previous vehicle. What’s more, he also saves whatever he was spending on petrol. For business people and those who drive frequently, this can easily reach $200 per month.

Unfortunately, the EV discount scheme didn't quite reach expectations last year after handing out around half of the $1.2 million budget to locals. However, there were only two vehicles available last year; the BMW i3 and Nissan Leaf. With nine vehicles available this year and $1.5 million available as a budget, they’re certainly hoping for improvements the second time around.

All things considered, this is fantastic news and perhaps more locations will take note of the incentives being offered in Sonoma County. If so, we can almost guarantee increased sales for electric cars and we can continue to help this beautiful planet of ours survive for our great grandchildren to enjoy!