Volkswagen Might Be Taking the Amarok to the US

These days, SUVs are in season, and they’re only continuing to rise in popularity. There’s plenty of models which are dominating the US market, the likes of the Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline and the Chevrolet Colorado. But, there may be a new addition, as VW have registered their impressive Amarok in the US, which means they can legally sell it.

Volkswagen started the trademark process on November 22, 2017, so that they could take the vehicle to the States as soon as possible. It was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and was issued with the serial number of 87694480.

Moreover, the trademark has been authorized for use in these categories: automotive – retail & wholesale store series for motor vehicles and their parts & fittings, engines for land vehicles, scale model vehicles, and reconstruction, repair, dismantling & maintenance of vehicles. However, just because they’ve registered the nameplate, it doesn’t necessarily mean the venture will materialize.

You see, in the middle of 2017, reports surfaced regarding a collaboration between VW and FCA, to develop a completely new small truck in the US. Now, within those reports, it was insinuated that either the Amarok, or the Caddy panel van, would be utilized as part of the collaboration. Plus, the German manufacturer have registered the nameplate on two previous occasions.

Trademarking a nameplate is a strategy often deployed by large companies throughout the world, so that they can protect their intellectual property. So, it may be a ploy to do just that, rather than actually put the Amarok in the production line on US soil. Although, considering the popularity of SUVs in the US, and VW’s mission branch out, this time you may see the pickup on sale sometime soon.

But, until new details emerge or there’s some sort of development, US car-enthusiasts will have to admire the Amarok from further afield.