Unique Porsche 911 GT3 RS Gulf Livery

In recent years, there has been certain liveries catching the imagination of car enthusiasts all around the world. However, there aren’t too many that can compete with the Gulf livery of blue and orange. Recently, we’ve seen just how much money people are willing to pay to own a sports car with these colors and Aston Martin even released a Limited Edition GT12 which has a livery inspired by this combination. At first, it was available for around $300,000 but the price has now nearly doubled and you’ll struggle to find it below $550,000.

As well as manufacturers, many car styling services have also been inspired by this look and the latest example comes from Neidfaktor in the Netherlands. After months of hard work, this service has now released a livery that will give all Porsche 911 GT3 RS models a unique makeover. With the beautiful blue and orange colors in tow, it has been combined with a patina-style rust and this is something we’ve actually seen before with a Martini livery.

In years gone by, all car owners have wanted their car to shine in the sun but, now, one owner has gone against this trend in what looks like a corroded livery. In terms of the owner, you may have to question what makes them want their car to look as though it has been driven through the woods and scraped a few trees on the way through. However, you have to admire the work done by Neidfaktor and their excellent team. At first, the mind is confused because you’re looking at what looks like a 60s or 70s car that’s been hiding in a garage for 20 years. Suddenly, you remember that it’s actually brand new and works just like every good Porsche should.

Luckily, for the owner at least, the look is just a wrap which means they can just pull it off one day when they get tired but it’s certainly going to attract a few glances in the coming weeks and months.

Would you go for something like this? Is this beaten look going to start a new trend or do you think we love our cars too much to want it looking rusty and corroded?