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Thor Trucks is the Latest Electric Semi Start-up to Emerge

By Zlatan Stankovic on December 21, 2017

In recent times, there has been an added emphasis on protecting the planet that we all inhabit, which is why zero-emission semi-trucks have risen to prominence. Lately, there has been excitement surrounding the Tesla unveiling, as well as developments by Cummins, Daimler, Nikola Motor Co and Toyota.

But, now there’s an innovative prototype by Thor Trucks – a start-up housed in sunny Los Angeles – that are looking to launch in 2019. Their ET-One truck is phenomenal, and the best feature is arguably a 300-mile range while being able to haul roughly 80,000lbs of cargo.

When it comes to the prices of the ET-One models, they are actually towards the higher end; if you’re looking for a 100-mile range model then you can expect to pay in the region of $150,000, and $250,000 for its 300-mile, 70mph counterpart. In comparison, the Tesla semi will be slightly cheaper, with a $150,000 price tag on the 300-mile model, and $180,000 for the 500-mile version.

Of course, at such hefty prices, lease options will be available. Moreover, Thor Trucks have committed to improving the aesthetics of their heavy-duty rigs, with a curved front, sleek grill and their iconic hammer-style logo.

According to their official website, they have tight-knit group of 18 employees, so one could assume they aren’t quite ready for mass production. Although, after building relationships with several part suppliers, they do have a scaling plan in place. In addition, their website also reveals some of the specs of the ET-One.

It has a Navistar chassis, Dana heavy-duty axles, TM4 motor and their own batter packs with LG Chem cells. Furthermore, you’ll also discover a brilliant 22-inch touchscreen immersed into the dashboard, which has been programmed by engineers from Faraday Future, BYD and Boeing.

In a blog post by the start-ups CEO, Dakota Semler, he referred to the DIY ethos which they abide by on a daily basis…

“We wanted to show the world that you don’t have to be a big original equipment manufacturer, like a Ford or GM, or a tech mogul with deep pockets to start making progress in this Space. With no outside funding, we assembled a team of experienced, gutsy, and passionate engineers and went to work researching and designing the ET-One in-house.”

Ultimately, the market will soon realize whether Thor Trucks can contend with the large spending power of their competitors, or whether they’ll just get drowned out.

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